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  1. I hear you and that sounds nice. 12. Go get an IMO and I recommend Dr Valette. He’s a 1st class psychologist and will not give anything that’s not warranted (if in El Paso, there’s an amazing Psychologist off Cotton and Rio Grande)
  2. One more question, I’m not covered under VGLI but have kids, would I qualify for the fee waiver? I was rated for a new SC in Sept. 2019 but also, the P&T dated was then, too. The way I read the regs, yes I am eligible to opt in, but the whole P&T waiver pre-dating enrollment doesn’t look likely but i see as with all VA regs, the language is ambiguous. Any thoughts on VGLI?
  3. Quick question: Should I get the SSA my VA Award Letter to let them know of the new VA status? Been on SSDI since ‘09 but in 2017, they hit me with a 3 year review. I live outside of the USA.
  4. AB8 Shows new payment at SMC S P&T, Commissary Letter, Deers, ...
  5. Thank you, all! Fingers crossed. Y’alls well wishes mean the World to me. My family either doesn’t give a shit, doesn’t understand or wants a piece of it.
  6. It’s a bad wind that doesn’t blow some good news to somebody. Called Peggy and was told IU was pending decision approval. Called VSO (yet to fax termination) and he looked at the decision and I was denied IU but granted increase to 100% plus SMC S with code sheet indicating no future exams. Still awaiting va.gov update & BBE....
  7. I thank you and I’m tracking. Valette and Team saw the file, I broke my orbital socket and max sinus cavity from blunt trauma, well documented in service as we had a brawl at Aberdeen Proving Grounds that left every body jacked up. Even drills. Hell, they closed it down after that and moved to Lee. Have post service TBI but SC Ears, Face and Cervical Compression Fracture C7-8 T1. Dont know now how to claim it?
  8. Thank you. Do I need to re-submit Evidence VBA has but doesn’t read or 4138 the situation or just file the BVA appeal form and come back in few years? I will do all three.
  9. Hello and thanks for reading. Please offer any opinions as to my going back to Supplemental Claim. Denied in Oct 2019 for Sinus Headaches sec. to Chronic Sinusitis. The VBA never looked at my private nexus but they did my private DBQ. Appealed for HLR but denial continued. EX-VSO dropped the ball on Conference Call. Will File Supplemental with new and material evidence as VARO never looked at my physicians’ nexus combined with DBQ. Any thoughts? From my private Drs IMO and DBQ
  10. As of AMA start date in Feb 19, 2019, ITFs filed after and there on only we’re allowed for 526ez claims. My ITF was from Sept 17 of 2018 and valid for 1 year less a day for all and any claims. My Suplemental Claim was filed under a valid and active ITF prior to Feb 2019. Any suggestions on how to make things right as of EED? Thank you.
  11. Rating Decision Granting Depression at 70% with effective date of Sept. 14, 2019 and Deferred IU. IU is still ongoing keeping Supplemental Claim open.
  12. My review of Evidence used to decide my Supplemental Claim does not show the VA Form 21-0966, ITF, was used in VA Rating decision, yet my fax cover sheet and packet has it listed as evidence sent. I sent it with the 20-0995 and 25 pages from Dr Valette. My 3 Claims that were denied that I uploaded 4 days prior on eBenefits does use the same ITF as Evidence used. All 4 claims were originally sent in under that ITF, MH kicked back for AMA form. I submitted all new and material evidence to include the active 21-0996 4 days later and 3 days before the ITF was exhausted. End date o
  13. Hello and thank your reading. Can I file for EED and how to do so? Filed Claim with 4 contentions on September 10, 2019 with a ITF from Sept 17, 2018-Sept 16, 2019 after being told by the VBA I needed to file it as Supplemental cause previously denied and closed. I got word from Peggy and sent it in with my new and material evidence to include my ITF 09,‘18-09,’19 which was in the first filing, in time under my ITF on Sept. 14, 2019. In late October 2019, Supplemental MH approved and IU inferred/deferred pending application with an effective date of Depression as Oct. 1 2019.
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