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  1. Thanks for the info. Not use what you meant by my income my affect the 90% tomorrow. Hugh
  2. Thanks, I was asked to fill out the TDIU by the VARO, I am not going to do that yet. Hugh
  3. Thanks all, hang in there, never give up!!! Hugh
  4. thanks, Gastone, I am not going to file TDIU. Hugh
  5. congrats!!! Hugh
  6. Well I won another claim. I now have 40% each leg for PAD, that jumps me from 60% to 90% with retro pay back to Oct. 2013. Thanks to all of you for your help!! Sincerely, Hugh
  7. I cut back to working 3 days a week I am a Psychotherapist. I am still considering opening up an old claim for PTSD
  8. Congratulations!! Hugh
  9. good news, it is difficult to get a competent Psychiatrist and the right meds. Hugh
  10. Thanks GP, the letter indicates 90% with $1991.71 a month. I do not want 100 %. Hugh
  11. Congratulations!!
  12. Well I can't believe what I just saw in ebenefits. I looked at my verification of benefits letter and it was dated today with a 90% combined disability rating. OMG!!! Hugh
  13. Hi all, I have not been around for awhile. I won SC for PAD non-compensable. So I but in a NOD with my ALSO last October to get compensation. I was called for a C&P, ultra sound on my legs, last Friday. Friday ebenefits showed the claim Prep for Decision and I was requested to fill out VA Form 21-8940 Veterans Application for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability. Today benefits, today, is back to GOE. Anyone has some input as to what my be going on and why I was asked to fill out the 21-8940? Sincerely, Hugh
  14. georgiapapa and Vync. I have just started the process, just was DX and go back next Saturday for another sleep study with a CPAP on. I do not know yet what the SC will or can be. I sent and email to my ALSO for help, any suggestions you guys may have will help. Thanks for the tips Vync. Thanks, Hugh
  15. Congratulations, you deserved it!! Hugh