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  1. Hey Buck52 Will do soon as it comes in mail he is one of the veterans that was in my eyes left at the way side he never ever went to VA YEARLY for exams or anything he filed in 2015 and Immediately got denied again with no C/P exams told him to get back in system and do a checkup so he has done that and he has med. evidence of scare left from surgery army did and back strain etc. I’ll post soon as it comes thx
  2. I was helping a buddy of mine veteran file claims cat outside Dr. DBQ done and filed but VA DENYED ALL CLAIMS without sending him for C/P exams he 10% tinnitus and he was a Heavy vehicle mechanic in the army did a tour in Bosnia as well I just don’t understand how they could deny without even doing C/P exams He’s very upset and doesn’t understand I told him it’s par for the course any advice that we could do?
  3. So how do I challenge the comp of the examiner were do I go to do that ?
  4. So long and short I received aC/P at Robly Rex preformed by a PA who I feel clearly did not answer the questions accurately Like for instance I was going for secondaries of cervical and ankle pain my history is bilateral pes planus 50% rate and 30% migraines 20% lumbar DDD’s 0% shinsplints 10% tinnitus I was going for secondaries one of the questions on DBQ ASKED was does the veteran have now or ever had shine splits she put NO also she stated That I don’t use a locomotive device which I have inserts by the VA for my shoes which are considered a locomotive long and short x-ray showed demineralization in my ankles cytes and demineralization in my shoulder She stated less likely than not on all my issues what are you guys think
  5. Yes I did had a PA do one last month and clearly she NEVER LOOKED AT EXISTING service connected disability’s I already have and in answering some of the DBQ questions she had she put NO as the answer like for instance one of the questions asked it’s the veteran has ever had or currently has shinsplints she put no and that is one of my service connected disability‘s even though it’s rated at 0% I had severe shinsplints I also have bilateral pes planus rated at 50% my ankles hurt all the time I have lumbar rated at 20 tonight is rated at 10 headaches and migraines rated at 30 service-connected hearing loss which I have not pursued yet but it is service-connected already rated zero long and short of it is I was going for secondaries on my ankles and I have severe cervical issues and ridicapathy of the Left shoulder and left arm she ordered x-rays left shoulder and ankles and they said demineralization noted so she denyed all my claims But she’s also noted other things as know when I have evidence showing where she never reviewed my file
  6. Good day Jaydog, I have been sitting in PDA since December 3 but I have a completion date of Jan 12 2019 do you have a estimated completion date?
  7. Hi BRONCOVET Just letting you know my RAMP is in decision approval lane so looking like completion very soon ebenefits is slating Feb 4th for final
  8. Good day BRONCOVET

     Just wanted to update you I checked va.gov today and my RAMP is in 

    Evidence gathering, review, and decision with a completion date moved up to FEBRUARY 4!


  9. Hi broncovet

     Just checking with you see if you have had movement RAMP since we have same date?


  10. Thx Broncovet Ya well will have to keep in touch on development! I called AL today they are handling it and they said mine was in development stage but they said was looking good for the 125ish days so kinda excited but reserved at the same time. I chose higher level review being that they had ALL to begin with sooo we will see.
  11. Good Day! Does anyone KNOW if E benefits will track RAMP progress it shows received date 08/07/2018 but thats it been about 99 days and no movement called VA today they said disregard EB and VETS that they are working my case and are getting it done within 125 days but EB and VETS shows completion dates of like 04/16/2019 ANYONE else hearing of this or having same issues?
  12. Ya I agree my VRO in Indianapolis was saying sit back could be like 8 years. So after receiving letter I jumped over to RAMP now my date has stayed same couple weeks saying May 12 2019 est. completion date. Has yours moved at all?
  13. Thank you Broncovet Yes I’ve been in a NOD for two plus Years and just recently August 8 of 2018 switched over to ramp when I refiled for higher ratings I also put in for six secondary ratings they have denied all my secondaries so I had DBQ Done on all of them from private medical doctors outside of the va in submitted those so I’m hoping for good things I just happened to be reading my prior award letter in seeing where it states I have gone from 0% to 10% on my lumbar strain to include my upper back pain I just thought it was weird that they are rolling it into one thanks for your response I appreciate it !
  14. Good morning everyone I’m very new to this site but have followed a lot of things and got a lot of information but now I need help with your past experiences and knowledge I exited the army and 94 with six service-connected disabilities fast forwarding life they have all gotten extreme and worse I was naïve in the beginning and learn to file for higher ratings and currently now at 70% up from 10 but after reviewing the site and reviewing my decision letter it seems that my lower back lumbar service-connected is rated at 10% which includes my upper back can they write that as one rating or is that that separate I’d like your thoughts and help on this matter if anyone knows thanks so much ?!?
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