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    • Buck, I just replied to a new member here and remembered in my reply, that many many years ago I fought a VARO decision but I gave up on pursuing it because I was working on a re opened claim (that became my most important claim with the VA). But if a claimant feels something is wrong with any RO decision they should NEVER give up. Years after my few attempts to get the older decision corrected , I had forgotten about it, but the Regional Counsel was asked to verify the FTCA issues in my past claims -due to my re opened death claim, and he immediately went over my whole C file, saw the letters I had sent to them with legal evidence on the issue I gave up on, and he called a CUE on them. They had to pay me over 40 Thousand in retro.I should have Cued them myself and could have...but I  was battle weary from the other claims I had. If VA made any CUE on those past decision you have, the CUE will be found in their Reasons and Bases sections and in the Evidence list. On CUE we have to narrow our focus solely to what was in VA's possession at time of alledged CUE, and if VA used all of our probative evidence, and if their error manifested an altered outcome, detrimental to us (meaning they owe more cash.). I posted a CUE for another member the other day. There are more templates here as well. We can help more when we see the actual words of the VA. There is  no time limit for CUE.  And these types of 'claims'( CUE isnt really a claim at all, it is a 'frontal assault' on a RO or BVA decision, mean we have to take the time to really go over the issues carefully, and be careful how we word the CUE we file and be very specific when we define the regulation(s) they broke.    
    • No.  Unless you have a court order forbiding contact with an individual or agency, then they can not stop you.  We are not under orders to "obey" general council.   This said, you dont want to irritate them and remember, you get more flies with honey than vinegar.   If you have given POA to another (such as an attorney), then the VA does not want to deal with you..only with your attorney.   Likewise, if you have a VSO, the VA often passes the buck and tells you to contact them for answers.  Yea, right.  Like we can get VSO's to return our calls.   Its understandable the attorney does not want you dealing "behind his back" and needs to fully be "in the loop" in everything regarding your case.  Its an embarrassment to him if stuff is going on he does not know about..its his job to know!    You really dont want to alienate your attorney, if you have one, by doing stuff behind his back.  Let the attorney do his job, and contact him with questions, not the RO, or a VSO.   I simply suggest you call Dennis Shepard, and ask him to explain, why he does not want you contacting the RO.  My guess is that it is for reasons I mentioned above.  However, does this attorney represent you?  State VSO's may have some legal representation for Vets that need it, and you could be one.  I had a pro bono NVLSP attorney, who represented me.  
    • Roger that Gastone..when I finally did get to view it  they watched me like a hawk  was  very hard to concentrate on what I was looking for. I am glad the C-file's are being digitized  I got mine in on Monday of this week The C-FILE CD came as a single PDF File - All content was scanned and placed into a single Adobe Acrobat file (.PDF) - which was nothing but images; being they were scanned.  Fortunately, I had purchased a copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional and it has the feature to take the PDF and search the images for text recognition characters and gave me the ability to search the PDF file as a text file - the only downside is it does not understand majority of handwriting, but does pick up some that is neatly written.  This sure makes it  easier to find  things.  I have  All this information  in my lap-top and the orginal CD-rom I put up for safe keeping. .......Buck
    • "So my question is: Can the VA General Counsel stop me from talking to them or even emailing them? I came down with pancreatic cancer after being exposed to radiation from the HAWK Missile System." I believe  Dennis Shepherd is a staff attorney for Tammy Kennedy, Office of Chief Counsel, VA-Nashville Tennessee. Do you have any documented statement from Shepherd? OGC district lawyers have very little involvement with the claims process. A Regional Counsel caught a CUE in a past VA decision for me. I had fought them on it long ago but then just gave up.Something I never did before.One should NEVER give up. I was too involved in re opening a claim at that time. It was an unusual situation for the RC to even look into because I had re-opened a claim, but ,due to the circumstances, he had to verify something with them and the OGC in DC, and he called the CUE on the VA right away. It was a large monetary retro award. Still I never heard of anything like you stated....for a staff attorney to get involved in this type of issue.   Obviously if VA checked the wrong Branch of service you were in, something is amiss. Can you scan and attach their denials here, as to their Reasons and Bases part and the Evidence list.? (Cover your name , C file number, etc etc.)  
    • Buck52 thanks for the info, I saw the pay chart that is current for time being for compensation. For what's allowed to me as a single vet no kids or spouse it is 836.13. My question was just if I was gonna be paid again in Aug. but thanks for the information. My claim is under review again for adding compensation and should be decided by the the nd of the year. Just wanted to make sure I didn't over spend just in case you know. But yeah, my letter said I awarded that much and so does my ebenefits account. Glad I had my paperwork and files and everything sorted and documented. Made everything go smooth with no hitch. Thanks again for the help boss.

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Disability Code For Carpal Tunnel?

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Where in 38 CFR should I look for the four-digit code for carpal tunnel? I'm not finding it.


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Vicki: I don't know if any of these are what you are looking for, but they all have something concerning the wrist. Evidently their isn't just one code to us in rating for Carpal Tunnel.





Jim S. :P

Edited by Jim S.

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This is probably what you want:

5307 Group VII. Function: Flexion of wrist and

fingers. Muscles arising from internal condyle

of humerus: Flexors of the carpus and long

flexors of fingers and thumb; pronator..........

Severe....................................... 40 30

Moderately Severe............................ 30 20

Moderate..................................... 10 10

Slight....................................... 0 0

5308 Group VIII. Function: Extension of wrist,

fingers, and thumb; abduction of thumb. Muscles

arising mainly from external condyle of humerus:

Extensors of carpus, fingers, and thumb;


Severe....................................... 30 20

Moderately Severe............................ 20 20

Moderate..................................... 10 10

Slight....................................... 0 0

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Carpal Tunnel is caused by a nerve dysfynction.

The median nerve

8515 Paralysis of:

Complete; the hand inclined to the ulnar side, the 70 60

index and middle fingers more extended than

normally, considerable atrophy of the muscles of

the thenar eminence, the thumb in the plane of the

hand (ape hand); pronation incomplete and

defective, absence of flexion of index finger and

feeble flexion of middle finger, cannot make a

fist, index and middle fingers remain extended;

cannot flex distal phalanx of thumb, defective

opposition and abduction of the thumb, at right

angles to palm; flexion of wrist weakened; pain

with trophic disturbances..........................


Severe............................................ 50 40

Moderate.......................................... 30 20

Mild.............................................. 10 10

8615 Neuritis.

8715 Neuralgia.

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This is extracted from Chap 61 Common Hand Disorders,of the Merck Manual, under Section 5, Musculoskeletal & Connective Tissue Disorders.


Compression of the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is very common and most commonly occurs in women aged 30 to 50 yr. Causes include RA (sometimes the presenting manifestation), diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, acromegaly, amyloidosis, and pregnancy (producing edema in the carpal tunnel). Activities or jobs that require repetitive flexion and extension of the wrist (eg, keyboard use) may pose an occupational risk. Often, no underlying cause is found.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms include pain of the hand and wrist associated with tingling and numbness, classically distributed along the median nerve (the palmar side of the thumb, the index and middle fingers, and the radial half of the ring finger) but possibly involving the entire hand. Typically, the patient wakes at night with burning or aching pain and with numbness and tingling and shakes the hand to obtain relief and restore sensation.

Diagnosis is indicated by a positive Tinel's sign, in which the tingling (paresthesia) is reproduced by tapping with a reflex hammer at the volar surface of the wrist over the site of the median nerve and carpal tunnel. Additional tests include wrist flexion maneuvers (eg, Phalen's sign). Thenar atrophy and weakness on thumb elevation may develop late. Diagnosis is confirmed by electrodiagnostic testing of median nerve conduction velocity, which provides an accurate index of motor and sensory nerve conduction.


Treatment includes a lightweight wrist splint, especially at night; possibly pyridoxine (vitamin B6) 50 mg bid; and mild analgesics (eg, acetaminophen, NSAIDs). Some persons find relief by changing the position of computer keyboards and making other ergonomic corrections. If these measures fail to control symptoms, a corticosteroid should be locally injected into the carpal tunnel at a site just ulnar to the palmaris longus tendon and proximal to the distal crease at the wrist. If bothersome symptoms persist or recur or if hand weakness and thenar wasting progress, surgical decompression of the carpal tunnel using an open technique or endoscopy is recommended.

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Does anyon know if there is a code for pain from the shoulder to elbow to wrist. The doc said I have nerve & muscle damage. But he didn't do a nerve conduction test???

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