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  1. Berta, I have pictures that show the tent heaters in my tent. I have pic,s of myself with actual exploded and unexploded ordinance in Iraq that was just left by the iraq soldiers, Pic's of iraq bunkers I was in, Pic.s of me an iraq tunks that had been bombed and pic's of other poor living conditions. I have the S1 journel that documents times that our NBC alarms went off and we were in mopp level 4 (some for days at a time, Also I have a diagnosis of IBS from a civilian doc and va doc. I am service connected for the c-spine fusion at 20% DDD caused by a military vehicle accident . My question is can you file for C-stenosis if already connected for DDD. Also I am connected for headaches, DDD of lumbar spine, aniexty, and Gerd. I tried to connect the gerd and IBS but VA decided against claim.. A biggie I think is getting the IBS connected to GWI (my va dr, states he is conveniced the IBS is is caused by GWI. This might helped during the GW I was assigned to a Petroluem Supply battalion. I have diagnosis for most all the symptoms for GWI. Im gonna file for all GWI symptoms I have documentation for. Hopefully I can find mention of the anthrax and pills in the S1 log. Any advice on how write the claim and TDUI would be really helpful.
  2. Carlie, could u take alook at the mri i posted this morning

  3. One more question. Should I send a copy of SSA disability letter doctor wrote with myv claim.
  4. Berta (and all who will): attached idlatest medical doc my Dr. gave me, I would let any helping reading and understanding MRI and advice for filing a claim. Also I am 20% for DDD of c-spine from fusion, can I file for c. stenonsis?
  5. Need sumhelp gettin started. I filed a calim for increase over 2 yrs ago. I was turned down. Even though my doc at VA (he's director also) said I was 100% disabled for sc disabilities. After being turned down, doc filled more document stating he believes I have Gulf War Illness. Listed alot stuff Fibro, colitis, rashes, muscle/skele pain lots more. VA doc also wrote letter to SSA stating i would never work again. I ve had doc's since sep. Problem is I been so sick an paper work got so hard for i ve not done anything. I was oncegood at admin stuff but its gone now. I ve had tons of fincial problems but the personal problems have also killed me. My marriage has fell apart an my children are suffering for it. U no if it was for them i'd quit give up. Its like i get to a point during stuff an have to start over get to that point again and have tostart over. Make any sense to any one. But I'm trying....just dont no how to file a claim for this, Im 20% for c-spine, 10 for other stuff my total disab. comes out 60%. I got mri stating - severe ddd. but don't help due to rom. doc reports sayin severe colits (im 10% for upper gastro but board sayin not related). My va doc says it related to GWI (so i gotta file) Can someone plz help me get started a claim for gulf war illness. and ss disability. thanks for ur support in past.
  6. OK I filled a claim for increase for SC disabilities 1 1/2 yrs ago. It is still in developmental stage. I also filled for 100% due to unemployment. I saw my new dr. today for 2nd time. He is the director of the VA clinic. This is what is told me he was going to write in record: 1. Diarrhea due to persian Gulf IIlness 2. Due to SC disabilities veteran is 100% disabled He told me that there was no reason he thought a person could ever expect me to work again because of my conditions. I was so thankful he understand how I have suffered I burst into tears. He told me to call my RO and tell her ASAP, of course she wasn't in today. I left a message. How do I get is info to the main office so it can get to the rating board. I would think my RO would do this right? Does anyone think they can deny me now?
  7. Just got another request from the VA. Sent a letter asking for more documentation for a requested increase they also sent VCAA Notice Responce, release forms 21-4142, Statement for claim 21-4138, a 21-4192 employment info. I have already sent in my medical doc,s and had my C&P back in March. I feel like they are just dragging me around. My request for increase for cervical stenonis is based on VA MRI stating severe spinal stenosis. I don't understand why they are asking for evidence to connect the numbness in my face to SC DDD of C4,5,&6. It plainly says that there is an impinged nerve. They want work records, I haven't worked since Feb. and I know my last employer won't give them to me. Looks to me like they are asking for the same things over. It also says they have asked SS for my disability records. I have not filed for SS disability. I am really confused by this recent request. It makes no sense for me to resubmitt documents and for them to assume I have filed for disability. Does anyone know if this is a standard type letter.? I think i will take this to the VA office in my town and see if they know what I should do. Anybody got any other idea's. Does anyone know of a doctor or a lawyer in North Carolina that help Vets with claims. I wish they would just make a decision, I am so fustrated.
  8. Thanks to all. Hadit is the best support group I have. I go to AA but you guys let me vent and tell me like it is. Working hard to pull it back together thanks.
  9. Went to rehab day after the accident. Been sober since. Was sober nine years prior. Yes it goes against policy. Came back to work after rehab and they let me work for 2 months then told me to hit the road. Also told me I could sign up after I resigned. Resigning would be best. My boss forced me to ride with him a few times while he was drinking in a company car and I wasn't. Even went so far one time to say if i didn't want to drink i could sit in the car. Now thats a kinda sad funny. All my co-workers used some kinda med, was a big thing for them to share. But thats there problem not mine. I had to get out of there. That place was gonna kill me for sure. I'll never take another drink and can promise you that. I hate the stuff or what the stuff does to peoples (good peoples) lives if they let it. Nobodies fault but my own. But everybodies hurt. I am so sorry. I know why some never get sober, its alot easier than forgiveness and second chances and for some third & fourth and so on. Just pray for me.
  10. I have been denied unemployment saying that i was discharged for misconduct because of my DWI. Any body know of anything I can do. This has bout finished me off.
  11. I want everyone to know how thankful I am for your help. You guys have really lifted me up. My court date is next week. Gonna go try and see my lawyer today. I may go into a tail spin of depression. Losing my job caused a big one. If I lose my license I'm not sure what will happen. I have to have a prevlege lic. My son has to go to sports and scouts. His pack has ask me to take over his den. I know mentally/physically I can't...but I could help alot. With no DL he will have to give all that up. Getting him to school is a biggie. My wife has already said "she can't do I will have to" and she meant it. She had a cow cause I took my son and got him some shoes with the debit card yesterday. Not cause of the money, cause I didn't ask her first. Man, I can't deal with that. I love her and know she's worried up that crap has to stop.
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