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    • Next claim going down range finally
      Hamslice..  IMHO, They don't need anything further from you or anyone else.  This is just a catch all statement that they perhaps forgot to type: "NONE"...  
    • Next claim going down range finally
      Update number 2 (cont) I see on My HealthyVet, I have 2 C&P's coming up in June, IM COMP & PEN IM RAD ULTRASOUND Oh, boy, Hamslice
    • Next claim going down range finally
      Update number 2, Went to "Gathering Evidence" today, and they moved up my completion dates to 8/28/16-11/07/2016.  Was in 2017 before. Heres my favorite; Needed from others (1) "These are requests for documents that VA has asked others to provide. Here are two actions you can take to speed up the processing of your claim: If you have access to these documents, you can upload them here on this page. Ask the person or organization in possession of your documents to immediately provide them to VA. To mail documents to your nearest VA Regional Office (VARO), search VA's online VARO directory."   It would be nice to know what they are looking for. I might be able to help! Fun with claims, Hamslice  
    • Veterans First Act
      Right on Hamslice. This is a perfect opportunity to contact your representative before this becomes a law. Ask some friends to do the same. We still have a chance to do something about this. It's go time people-
    • Awaiting BVA Remand for R-2
      It's not that easy. I do not have your c-file. I know nothing about the hx of the claim. Is the bowel or bladder incontinence part and parcel of a SC disease? If so, yes. Remember, there are no time limits on SMCs. The moment you demonstrate your entitlement, be it five or fifteen years ago, that is the date of SMC. I suggest you Private Message me to discuss it.
    • I think I made VA mad
      Are you military retired?  If so what percentage are you at.  I know my husband had to do the admin review, when he hit 50 %. Because there has to be an audit,. And it takes awhile.
    • Just got my C&P letter, what to expect?
      You have to let us know what you are claiming for us to help. Example, PTSD, I don't have and have not been examined for it, so I could not help you there, others would. Also, no drug test that I know of. Hamslice Might want to take a break from the pipe the night before, just saying...  
    • Veterans First Act
      Its all about the money. They use dates to deny and exclude. Its never the intent of the legislation, but, they celebrate when it gets passed, even though some get shorted by dates. My two favorites are; The bill that lets reservists retire a day for a day in combat earlier than age sixty after 9/11.  Sounds great, hurray!!, But, only for those vets that served in combat after Jan 1, 2008.  WTF. And, a recent CBO calculation reports that only 20% of reservists take there retirement pay at age 60, so it is not a worthwhile program and no need to have them get thier retirement any earlier.  Thats because the other 80% are dead.  Thats my favorite right there. Anyway, Hamslice  
    • Should I file a CUE or leave NOD in place?
      The YouTube link should be on this thread.
    • My husband died in motorcycle accident
      The 10% could have been appealed by the spouse but it wasn't. The only factual info here is that he died at 10% SC for PTSD and that he died in a motorcycle accident. I see no way the 10% can be raised. This is one of the most difficult DIC claims I have seen in over 20 years.Actually THE most difficult. It is way too soon to even suggest that she will succeed on this claim. I am concerned that reckless behavior due to PTSD can also be deemed as willful misconduct...just search DIC  misconduct at the BVA to find our what I mean. Search DIC Insanity as well....DIC has been awarded due to insanity in PTSD vets because that is what caused their demise. If he had a documented History of flashbacks,and visual hallucinations solely due to PTSD, like my husband did,  that would be different.   We don't even know if the VA will extend the time frame for her.    

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Va Form 21-4140 Employment Questionaire

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This is a weird thing to be happy about, but I was really glad to receive this form in the mail yesterday. (It's the annual "have you worked in the past 12 months?" form).

I'd forgotten about it, again. This is the first year I've had to do one, but I kept remembering I needed to get it in, but then forgetting about it. Now here it is a couple weeks from my anniversary date and the VA kindly remembered for me. I know they're supposed to do it, but I also know they often don't do it. I made a bunch of copies of their pre-printed form so I'll be ready to send it in next year... BIG flashing lights on my computer calendar!!!

DH took it to the VSO and got a We Received This stamped copy, plus a copy of the fax header letter that went with it. So my fingers are crossed that the VA receives it and records it - then I'll be good for another year.

So yay for the VA getting it's paperwork out to a vet! Gotta be happy and appreciate the things that go the way they ought, doncha thinkj?

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Good on VBA for getting the Forms to you and

Good on you for doing everything the right way and having

evidence of it.

The extra Forms you printed out for years to come -

be careful with that as sometimes they do change or add a little something different

as years go by.

Glad to hear you've got this out of the way for another year : )

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