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Va Rating/diagnostic Codes For Sleep Disorders

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Hey all!

I won an appeal at the BVA recently separating my sleep disorder (primary insomnia) from my depression/general anxiety disorder rating and the VA told me they had no separate code/rating for it other than the "catch all" rating for all those disorders not assigned an actual rating/diagnostic code. Therefore, all I got wa a 10% rating for a serious sleep disorder that affects my sleep and waking hours daily.

So, I was wondering if anyone knows of or has had a rating for a sleep disoder other than sleep apnea (which seems to be the only sleep disorder the VA has a rating/diagnostic code for)????


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Hey I'm about to be seen by the physical examiners with the VA myself. Insomnia isn't my primary issue, as I also have bilateral 30 degree pronations in both feet, as well as achilles and plantar fascitis issues. But I was trying to see what kind of rating I could expect for the insomnia and can't find anything on it myself. I know that I'm looking at 50% for my feet, but just want to be up on things when I receive my results. If you find out anything else, please let me know also.


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the post you replied to is almost 2 years old.please start a new post addressing your issues and we will be glad to help.welcome to hadit.

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    • Just got the call from my DAV Service Officer. Granted TDIU back to April 2009 when I retired on FERS Disability. I'ts been battle to the BVA in 2012 which ended in a remand and today the remand got completed. I am so relieved it i finally over. Never give up if you feel you have a valid claim. It took me almost 8 years to get this claim finalized. This site has helped me in so many ways! Thank You!  
    • So I have plenty of questions trying to get this straightened out.  My original diagnosis from the VA was Dermititis (the decision letter says   "minimal erythematous slightly scaly patches (claimed as skin condition)"  Since being out of the military it has been officially biopsied and diagnosed as Psoriasis. I filed and claim and I am going in for a new C&P for increase.  Should or will they adjust these conditions on my claim.  They both have the same rating criteria.  However I want to file for a secondary condition of Psoriatic arthritis eventually.  Is this going to be a problem with previous compensation and the increase.  My current medical records don't reflect the same condition as the decision letter.
    • Thank you Andy,seems the C&P notes are locked,it says the C&P is complete but I am not allowed to view notes.First time this has happened. The 2 va podiatrist both said in their treatment notes and is was due to the in service and related to being 0311. right foot worse then left,i am going back for an injection next week hopefully I will have an update by then Appreciate your thoughts and input Semper fi
    • Buck, Yeah, got denied for the sleep apnea and MDD as well.  I appealed both, and will know something more in 3-5 years, I guess.  I spoke to a NOVA lawyer not too long ago...and got turned away, 4th time wasn't the charm for me. My VA MH doctor told me that he can't help me as per the law and regulations(help with my claims, not the therapy itself), as far as which way to go and such.  And as per same regs can't even write an IMO.  The P.A. who my sleep apnea file is assigned to, at my private sleep clinic, doesn't believe that pain can disrupt sleep enough to be a factor in SA. I previously contacted Mr. Attig's office, was turned down by him, and the firm they recommended, and H&P as well.  It's hard enough just trying to live, to do my job well, to keep the wife happy(no success there), be a good daddy, and son, without having to fight the VA. It's no surprise that the results of my neurological exam(at the VA)showed marked memory loss issues.  Yes I've had a few wins with claims, but they're the small ones, the big ones elude me. Every denial adds more "weight" to my load, at this point I just want to dump that load off my back.  I don't even want to think of asking for help anymore, because I know I can't get turned away if I don't ask. 
    • I definitely do not qualify for "S", but after further review, I think I qualify for "L".