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    • Hello guys,  Quick question,  Does a Civilian Doctors Range of Motion findings carry any medical evidence weight in regards to the VA?  I am rated at 20% for Spine (loss of forward flexion) However my Spinal Surgeon noted in his recent records that My spine forward flexion was limited to 20%....  This would constitute a higher rating i believe..  Any Advice/help????
    • The unit I was with in Vietnam don't exist anymore   it is considered dissolved..and same with my unit in Germany at Tompkins Barracks in Schwertizngen German  517th Heavy Equip Maint Company (HEMC) AS AFTER ABOUT 10 MONTHS THERE I CAME DOWN ON LEVLEE FOR VIETNAM. I have no records at all for my Germany service  other than my word and my unit name..which now its dissovled I guess they don't believe me? NRPC/NARA Don't have all my records either.. .I contacted Army Review Board in Arlington Va and am currently in a fight with them about getting my DD-214 CORRECTED,,,it don't show my Germany Military service and it has the dates wrong when I served in vietnam...and my second tour....basicly all I have is a Disposition form 2496 2496-1  extention of Foreign sevice letter to prove my dates but they denied them? so all I have left to send them as for as evidence is record of travel orders in-country as truck driver and the dates on them were beyond the dates they said was on my DD214  I even sent copy of letter that I sent to my G/'F with the free post marked /DATES to my G/F back then which is now my wife of 44 years I have one year to resubmit any evidence I can get. I ask them what do they want from me when I gave them a record with my extended dates in Vietnam I THINK MAYBE SOMEONE IN THE RECORDS DEPT JUST DON'T WANT TO LOOK? FOR MY RECORDS  eh! I gave them my company and battalion address and what unit I worked out of which was the operations Branch a detachment from the unit its self.  I even sent copy letter that I sent to my G/'F with the free post marked /DATES to my G/F back then which is now my wife of 44 years other than my memory of my time in Vietnam and my word  I don't know what to do to get my  DD 214 Corrected? Most of my ribbons and citations medals are on the  DD-124  so I don't need this correction for a claim  I just want the correct dates and my location of service shown on it. Vietnam is on it why not Germany.? Ms Berta what is the 149 form? I may have filled one of those too?   ..................Buck
    • I don't think they can 'legally' do that.  If they try, I would remind them that the SC'ed disability would not exist to be exacerbated by your post-service life at all without your service.
    • I 'back doored' the SSA site and downloaded my letter, like you can do with ebennies sometimes.  Award granted, SSDI c/w...now waiting on a back pay check sent yesterday in the mail and I guess arguing the onset date with them to get the 10's of thousands they shorted me.  Feeling very, very grateful to have this finished as well.  Now, I am going to try and use the SSDI award as justification for making my 100% Permanent so that my kids can use the education benefits.  If I can get that done, I can also quit looking over my shoulder and concentrate on getting as much quality as I can out of this life I have left.

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Va Rating/diagnostic Codes For Sleep Disorders

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Hey all!

I won an appeal at the BVA recently separating my sleep disorder (primary insomnia) from my depression/general anxiety disorder rating and the VA told me they had no separate code/rating for it other than the "catch all" rating for all those disorders not assigned an actual rating/diagnostic code. Therefore, all I got wa a 10% rating for a serious sleep disorder that affects my sleep and waking hours daily.

So, I was wondering if anyone knows of or has had a rating for a sleep disoder other than sleep apnea (which seems to be the only sleep disorder the VA has a rating/diagnostic code for)????


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Hey I'm about to be seen by the physical examiners with the VA myself. Insomnia isn't my primary issue, as I also have bilateral 30 degree pronations in both feet, as well as achilles and plantar fascitis issues. But I was trying to see what kind of rating I could expect for the insomnia and can't find anything on it myself. I know that I'm looking at 50% for my feet, but just want to be up on things when I receive my results. If you find out anything else, please let me know also.


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the post you replied to is almost 2 years old.please start a new post addressing your issues and we will be glad to help.welcome to hadit.

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