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  1. livingrock can't pass judgement on me because you have no idea what i posted.all i said was why not post it all instead of starting it and leaving....like a continuation you have to wait on.if i have something to say..i say it all..not just part of it and the leave for 3 days....as for me thinking all va people are bad..maybe not..but there are a lot of people on this site that thinks all of the va is bad and state it continually. if someone post ,they need to post 100 percent of the story..my only bitch about this whole thing. i don't like to be left hanging....
  2. sorry to hear it is dragging out. we are all in the waiting game here.welcome to hadit.
  3. i'm gonna get 9 bucks a week..i feel stimulated...not discriminated.. that my friends is the start of my rap career..just call me DWB....aka dirty white boy.. i forgot to say...."woop woop"
  4. i use januvia with glucovage to keep my blood count level.it gets down to 30 sometimes so be watchful.
  5. they combined your 2 post into one on the ptsd forum
  6. if your c and p was done by qtc,you can not get a copy at the vamc.if it was done at vamc ,you can get a copy there. qtc copies can only be obtained at the ro by request.i just went through this only on monday. look for gaf score and any other notes that show mh problems. it is up to the rater to interpret percentage. not the examiner.
  7. that is just too bizarre....i see a big backlash occuring at the pentagon.
  8. it's filed,c and p was done last monday.
  9. what if it wasn't called ptsd ? depression wsith an adjustment disorder ,but was dx'd in 1974
  10. to a dumb okie like me....what's this mean...in laymans lingo????
  11. i was told last week in one of my post,that you can't tell exactly how the rater will weigh the gaf score .see my post on the ptsd forum.it might help.my gaf was 50.
  12. tech fixed the problem.don't know how,but now i can see pics.
  13. is your stressor the death of a friend after discharge? i don't think the va will entertain an out of service stressor.someone else may have input on this though.good luck with your claim.
  14. thanks all for your replies.i will skip down to the va med center and see what i can dig up....jim
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