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  1. Still having computer problems but that is secondary to the botched dental work from the VAMC. Will try to log on more often. Can't talk but I will try and type!
  2. What ever will I do without Hostess Twinkies. The increase will help me buy Tasty Kakes.
  3. Catch me up a little, please. Are you already service connected for your back?
  4. Alive and well. Can't say the same for my computer. Dang thing crashed. Had to pull out the old laptop. Guess what I am getting for Christmas!
  5. If you said that you are unable to work it would be an inferred claim.
  6. You have waht is called a brokered case. It is simply one RO processing claims for another RO. The claim does not start over. Once the case is rated it will go back to NY. This is standard practice.
  7. Did you have a claim for your sinus condition? If so that exam is different from a dental exam. Otherwise, you would have to claim the sinus infections as secondary to the TMJ.
  8. Send a letter to the Regional Office stating that you never got your appointment and ask them to reschedule the appointment. You can also send an IRIS request.
  9. It is possibile to have the hysterctomy service connected after service if the condition that caused you to have to have one began while you were on active duty. Check your service medical records to she if you were treated for the current condition and then get a nexus letter from you doctor. This would be secondary to your service connected condition. Hope this helps.
  10. The baby was born on 8/28 at 2:03 pm. His name is Clent Avery Axiom Quick. He was 7lbs even and 20". Oh happy day!
  11. You can post in Social Chat when you just want to vent. List in your subject line if the disucssion will contain a trigger.
  12. Welcome! We will help as best we can.
  13. Welcome! Jump right in.
  14. Did the call come from the VA hospital or from the Regional Office? Usually with a C&P or QTC exam they will notify you if there is an abnormal reading based on the blood work.
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