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  1. As for SSDI for me I was denied again for the 4th time. It is now in the hands of federal court lawyers. I went to the vet rep Thurs. to see what I need to do because my husbands dr is not going to talk to me. I can only figure that the VA had their lawyers talk to the dr and tell him under no uncertain terms he is to talk to me. Well the vet rep told me to get a lawyer and so I did. I am using the med malpractice lawyers of the SSI lawyers I am using. These lawyers are good they took on RJ Reynolds, MERCK and others. I would love to get the monies they have got for others in the 100 million dollar range but that wont happen for me. If I can save another persons life from the mistakes and errors they did to my husband than that will be good. People need to know the dangers of these vaccinations and medications. I was looking in his va med records and lo and behold his dr said he had stage three liver disease. Which is something I did not know and I think my husband did not know also. So I started to research stage 3 liver disease (cirrhosis) and found out the blood pressure medication he was on for over a year cannot be taken by someone with liver disease. So that also got mentioned to the lawyers. All I am doing now is waiting for the lawyers to tell me I have a case against the VA. I do not even know what I can get from the VA for the death of my husband, probably nothing but DIC what ever that is.
  2. He did not have chronic kidney disease. His potassium was high when he was in the hospital they could not understand why so I told them the story once again. I now have his VA medical records as I was going through it and Noticed he received Prevnar 13 vaccination. What I also noticed was he had stage 3 liver disease, he was told fatty liver. With liver disease there are a lot of medications and vaccinations you cannot have due to the dangers. His dr. will not talk with me at all so I am to assume the VA had its lawyers talk to him and tell him that under no circumstances he should talk to me. I went back down to see my VA rep and he filed a DIC for me I hope I can get it because my financials could use the boost to ensure I can keep my house that I owe $16,800 on, I am also working with my mortgage company to see if they can help. MY mortgage is $640 a month I pay mostly principle but I could use the help. I only receive now $2900 a month for my VA disability. I am at 100% but it is not permanent it is tdiu. I need to go for a comp and pen in Nov to see if I can keep the 100%. So I am financially terrified. I am not old enough to collect widows benefit from social security because I am 46 years old. I am grasping at straws to and trying everything I can I even went to the Vaccine Injury Compensation program to see if they can help me.
  3. Cardiac arrest, renal failure acidosis and sepsis. I spoke with a VA rep today and he immediately went to Agent orange Ischemic heart disease. I need to get a letter from his VA doc to say that it is relevant to his death. I do not know how I am going to do this; as I have to meet with his Dr. at the VA, to explain everything that happened. I do not know how or if I can meet with his Dr. Any help there would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I apologize for not responding earlier I have been in hell. An autopsy was not done as per my husbands wishes. He said the only way he would allow his autopsy would be if Ducky from NCIS was doing it. So I had to follow his wishes. He was cremated as per his wishes. So I had no choice, follow his wishes or upset his adult children who had the same instructions as I. My sister looked at his last lab report that he received the day he got the shot. She noted he had a fatty liver and should have never gotten the shot. So what do I do. I am trying to figure out how I am going to survive financially; I receive 100% disability from the VA for severe depression due to pain. It is however temporary and I need to go to a new C&P in Nov. So they might say I am fine and take it away and leave me with the 30% I had before. So I am in real despair. My husband was semi retired and brought in $1200 from work $372 retirement $133 VA disability for tinnitus which has already ben stopped, and $1020 Social security retirement. A big chunk of money has stopped, disappeared never to be seen again. I am calling the mortgage company to see if they can help me, I only owe 17,000 on the house plus a home equity loan at $6000. They said they should be able to help me but it is weird because we are current on the mortgage and equity loan both of which are Wells Fargo they also hold the loan on the truck I bought my husband for work. So I am lost, scared, terrified horrified and petrified. What do I do????
  5. My Husband got the pneumonia shot from the VA 27 Jan 2017. 2 Feb 2017 he passed. With in 12 hrs he started having shortness of breath. By hour 24 his stomach started to become distended. Within 48 hrs his stomach even more distended he thought he was constipated and took a laxative; short of breath continued but worse. He went to work the day of the shot, the day after, and the third day he came home early from work. He had told me the night before to call TeleCare to see if he could go to the dr. I called and they told me he would have to go to Lake Nona 65 miles away at the new VA Hospital; but, they could not help me he had to call them. He came home from work early he was in terrible shape could barely walk stomach even more distended, shortness of breath at severe levels. I rushed him to the hospital down the road from the house less than 2 miles away. He was immediately push to the head of the line. By the time I walked into emergency he was being called to triage. They did an ekg heart was good. Dr was prodding around his abdomen my husband was ok until they hit the area of the gall bladder. They moved him to a room in emergency where his chest was x-rayed the dr was perplexed because his lungs looked good no major amount of any fluid if at all any. They then proceeded to take him for a CT scan. This scanned showed his gallbladder was enlarged. A surgeon was notified, he came to the room and prodded around the abdomen this time no pain. Stomach is really enlarged, breathing was worse but he was on oxygen as soon as he entered the room in emergency there was a nurse holding the nose thing for oxygen. He is terrified at this point. They start putting in IV's and started antibiotic regimen 3 bags plus saline. Blood work shows infection. After an hour of being on antibiotics his stomach started to go down. Surgeon come in saying they might need to remove gallbladder. so another CT was done focusing on gallbladder. This CT shows enlarged gallbladder but no stones. The CT also shows what looks like part of his intestines and colon look dead. So ultrasound was done on heart and intestines and colon. I was watching the ultrasound monitor with the tech and the DR. His heart was beyond racing so they started heart medication to help slow it down. Now my husband normally has high blood pressure like 170/ 80, but his blood pressure was normal like that of a healthy person. The Dr's are now befuddled because nothing is making sense. By this time my husband is now using a oxygen mask to help with breathing this is when he is moved to ICU. they get him as stable as they could he was doing good great blood pressure, blood oxygen was 98% since we first step into the hospital. By this time I have said the how this happened maybe 100 times. His stomach starts to enlarges again and still no pain. I feel it is safe for me to go home. I arrive at the hospital early to be with my husband. This is when everything starts to take a turn for the worse. He has been put on a BPAP machine. He is trying to stay happy for me so I won't get worried. He is complaining of hunger and thirst so I give him my water bottle and he sucks it down. The DR'S have ordered another CT they said it would take about an hour, so I go down to the Cafeteria to get something to eat. I get some food and eat I took an hour for lunch. Toward the end of the hour the nurse calls me and tells me that he is back and I need to sign some paperwork for more medicine; bloodwork taken in the morning is showing sepsis. I rush up there and sign paper work for him to receive Dialysis machine. His kidneys are starting to shut down. I am now terrified. I was in the room with him talking the nurse starts to ask him questions and he crashes heart rate down to the 30's and looses conscience. The nurse starts to do crash procedures other DR's and nurses are in the room I am slapping him on the face and gave him a horse bite on his thigh the nurse is yelling at him, he returns to conscientiousness. The DR orders intubation ask my permission and I said yes. As they are getting the pulmonary people with the tube and machines, I am explaining to my husband they are going to have to intubate and he asks why so I explain what he just went through he is terrified and so am I. His last words to me were keep trying and I now have to face the fact that my husband wants to be put on life support going against his own wishes. They tell me it will take about an hour so I go downstairs and go outside. I have made the decision to call his children he did not want his children up there while he was conscience but since they had to intubate they put him in LA LA land. Those were the worst calls I have made in my life. His children are notified and they start to arrive at the hospital. While this is going on I am informing my family of his condition. My father is taking it hard, he has been going through his own hell with my mom in the hospital for a month and a half we almost lost her three times. Now I have been worried about my mother as long as my father so I am calling him to check on her and he is asking about my husband and trying to give me all the support he can, he tells me to keep him informed about my husband. They stabilize my husband and I let his children to go see him of course they are terrified and trying to give me all the support they can as I am reciprocating the same. I am exhausted and the kids tell me to go home eat and rest they would stay at the hospital as long as they can. At seven o'clock in the morning the hospital calls and tells me my husband had a very bad night he had crashed again with heart rate in the 20's. the had to try a different form of dialysis because he was soo weak he could not handle the machine. So I rush to the hospital and call the children to inform I also inform my family. Everyone is panicking. This is the third day in the hospital my husbands eldest son arrives from Gainsville. He had come in late last night. We are all praying he will get better his DR's are still staying positive because he can pull through this. It was at eleven in the morning and he flat lines. I am in the room when this happens and I am trying to stay out of everyone's way and get out of the room. He was down for less than ten minutes they bring him back tension is so thick you would need an industrial saw to cut threw it. His children are panicking I am trying to support them as they are me. My husband has just died on me. My last words to him before intubation were do not go into the light. The nurse and the DR. tell me I should go home and get something to eat and gather my bearings. My step children agree; so I go home to get some yogurt and try to calm down. Yeah Right like I can calm down. I get home and go to open the garage door and my phone rings it is my step daughter is telling me to rush back he is flat lining again. The road to the hospital is 30 mph, I was driving 60 mph to the hospital. I arrive at the hospital they are doing compressions he has been out 10 minutes. They bring him back, I was terrified I have just witnessed my husband dying for the second time. I am in shock I cannot believe this is happening the Dr's are going crazy trying to find out what the hell is going on with him. My children take me to the waiting room we were not there ten minutes and code blue is on the intercom. My youngest stepdaughter who is 30 yrs old races to the Ice ward I am running after her telling her to go back to the waiting room she tells me NO now the rest of the kids are with me and we are witnessing the third flat lining. I am tell my step son to call his mother so she can help try to calm her daughter. My children's' mother comes and she is holding me and her daughter tightly. I am in a whirlwind of hell and reality. My husbands ex-wife is doing her best to keep me from collapsing my step sons are holding me up because my legs are starting to buckle. I am in pain because I have not taking any of my medication. I too am a vet who goes to the same VA as my husband. I cannot support myself with my cane my pain is excruciating but I am not complaining about it because I am focusing all my energy to my husband trying to keep him alive. The Dr's have stabilized my husband his heart rate is in the 80's blood pressure is low but oxygen stats are 98%. My youngest and her mother and I go to the cafeteria to get sometime to eat. It is about 3pm on 2 Feb 2017. We have lunch and talk about my husband telling stories of his hijinks and his muck ups. I told my husbands ex-wife about some Vietnam photos he has and how sexy he was. I told her had I been born earlier (I was born in 1970 my husband was born in 1951). I would have given her a run for her money cause If I had seen him I wanted him. We joke about it and told more stories and we were trying to figure out which one of us had the better her when he was young and married to her or me cause I had him in his hard core years. We talked about the concerts he and I went to like the Moody Blues, Crosy Stills Nash and Young, The Who and the Rolling Stones. She said I won I had the fun and exciting guy. I told her thank you. We get back to ICU and I go in and visit with him I am giving him kisses and telling him to hold on you can get out this and be healthy. I have been having the priests and chaplains coming by and praying and anointing him. The chaplains I had cried to told me that they were going to call in the big guns there was a priest who said he was the closest to God, I told them yes, please, please save my husbands life. The chaplains and I prayed for my husband and they prayed for me to have the strength to continue on. I don't go to church; but, I do believe in God cause I know he exists. I told the chaplains what God has done for me and they realized that I have a stong belief in God. I go back to ICU and sit outside my husbands room looking at the monitors hoping and praying he will come out of this. His heart rate was 80 blood pressure was 150/ 65, oxygen 98% every one was worried but happy that he is stabile. The priest comes and anoints him and prays. My husbands eldest son was in the room with me and he was wondering why in my sons own term speaking in tongues over his father. I told him they were Latin me being stupid just said the first language that came out of my mouth. He was speaking in ancient Hebrew. I had told the priests, please bring in the big guns and they did. I decided to go home and get my husbands Zelda blanket I got him for his Birthday and his sweater he has had since the 70's; he said it had magical healing powers when he was sick he would wear this sweater. I asked the Dr. and the nurse if it was okay to do that. They said yes they encouraged it because the Dr's could not figure out what is going on. I have forgot to tell you about the blood in my husbands stomach. the second night he was there at the hospital they discovered blood in his stomach and could not figure out why. I told them my husband had a endoscopy and colonoscopy Jan 2, 2017 at Lake Nona The New VA hospital. The told him they found something and took a biopsy of it and said it was negative not to worry. So ok now back to the 3rd day I am talking to the dr's about the whole thing the endoscopy / colonoscopy, and the pneumonia shot again for the 50,000th time. This time the Infectious disease Dr. wanted his VA medical records the nurse brings the paperwork the Dr. fills it out and has me sign it. It is now 6pm the 2 of Feb 2017. My husband flat lines again all the Dr.'s and nurses are in the room compressions start and continues on for 12 min. The priest has his arm around me telling me to let go the Dr. is telling me his body could survive but the brain was not getting enough blood, so he would be alive but he would not be my husband by this time the Dr. is holding me tight and I make the call the Dr. verifies it with me and I nodded and said yes so compressions stopped last pulse check showed nothing and at 6:16 the 2 of Feb. 2017 my husband died. So I am asking, can you tell me if the VA is responsible for the murder of my Husband. I do not know what to do. Can someone help me. I apologize for writing a novel but this has been my last 8 days.
  6. I received the form DD 1172-2 ID card/ DEERS enrollment. And the commissary letter. The nearest base to me is in Jax, FL. So I do not know how good it will be for me.
  7. Well it's official I am know at 100%. Money hit bank yesterday and big white envelope came today. They determined me 100% for major depressive disorder. Letter states I can still handle my own finances. I am happy, but scared. It is depressing to think that I do not have to work; but, I am not allowed to work anymore. I am 42 yrs old and for lack of a better term medically retired. What do I do now?
  8. How accurate is the Ab8 letter. Last week it said 40%, yesterday it said 100%. Should I be excited or worried. I have not received the big envelope yet. Thanks for your replys.
  9. I am still here waitng for the Dec 21 2012 end of world party. I got my bottle.
  10. On ebenefits my claim is at Pending Decision Approval, I thought this was great news. That was until I checked the Ab8 letter and it says I'm still at 40% and the monetary payment is $631. Ok 40 % is paid at $622. So why does it state $631.
  11. I to take gabapentin for knee and hip pain. It does make the pain tolerable to a point; but, it makes me stupid loopy. I was making mistakes at work because of loss of concentration and one of those mistakes got me fired. This last mistake cost the company a million dollars, because of this mistake I was fired. So I am filing ANOTHER claim with TDIU because if I make mistakes like that working is nt an option.
  12. They did give me meds for cholesteral. It was a statin drug and it turned out I was severly allergic to them. They took me off of them. As I said before my cholesteral has been high for a couple of years and why are they concerned enough to call me now, as they never did this before. Everytime I went to see my PCP she has always mentioned my cholesterol and has given me pointers on how to lower my LDL. I do have a claim in for an increase and TDIU, that is why I was wondering if it had anything to do with this phone call as they never called before, even when LDL went over 300. I just do not understand why they are more concerned now and never did this before.
  13. Today I received a call from the VA concerning my Cholesterol level they were very concerned that my LDL was 300. I have had high cholesterol for sometime. I was wondering if this has anything to do with my claim for increase in disability and TDIU. I had to C&P's in Viera, FL 80 miles from my home. The last C&P I had was done in Orlando. Why did they send me so far away for C&P; and does the phone call have anything to do with this as it has never been one before.
  14. This is a test. It is only a test of the emergency what do I do now system.
  15. I have been following Hadit for a while now and finally got up the courage to sign up and post. I have learned alot from everybody here and am very surprised to see people in the same position I am in. I hope I can get answers to my questions, and I have a LOT OF QUESTIONS I would like to get answered or pointed in the right direction.
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