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  1. I had my hearing 9/15 and ebenny showing wait for hearing to be scheduled.
  2. Hello all ! Well I checked ebeeny to see if there was any change to my claim.Low and behold my date changed for this rating review date was 2016 to 2017. Now it's showing 2019 to 2021.Have no idea what this is about.My POA has no clue either.I did have my BVA hearing back in Sept 2015 which I haven't heard anything from.Can anyone share some light on this? THANK'S
  3. Just checked ebenny status showing hearing pending or already scheduled .Well I had my hearing Sept .Is this a sign that Benny can't keep up?
  4. Present and still going to Battle.
  5. Present and refuse to give up !!
  6. Buck I had the C&P first then the DBQ
  7. Evening fellow vet's. Well my problem is this I had a C&P and the one question that ask is.Does the vet's problem hinder with employment the answer was NO.OK Now on the DBQ it ask the same question. And answered was YES. Vet has been on SSDI since 2009.Now both was done by same Quack.
  8. Present ! Never giving up
  9. Sure the backlog is down .I bet BVA is out the roof.Deny and let higher up deal with it.Bunch of BS ya ask me!!!
  10. LIL-ROB

    Nbc News

    Wow land meant for homeless VET went elsewhere except for the homelessness.And they are saying no to helping out the VET.CA is out for the rich and famous.What a shame the way they act out there.
  11. Called today and the person on the other end was the most unprofessional I have ever spoke to.He just hung up.
  12. I think all exams should be video recorded with the Vets permission.
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