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  1. John, but wouldnt they find out anyways (if you use the GI Bill?)....or is the VA so disorganized that they dont cross-reference like that?...thanks for the advise. Ill make a mental note of it...
  2. John and Carlie, thanks you both as always for your input.... makes sense that attempting school could help with MH issues and stuff...I think im biased about the VA "system" and always think "they are out to get you" in a way...But what got me thinking about this was that on my PTSD appt when the doctor gave me the pill that gives the "zombie" effect....I told him I was trying to go back to school and finish my Masters but that X reasons just wouldnt let me...then I thought...well maybe online classes wont be so bad i thought...well tried it and didnt work out too well...but I did tell him that I still want to try it...because its something I always wanted to do (earn a masters or PhD even if I never thought a class in my life)....well before It gets too long...I thought, mmmmmm maybe the VA will reduce my 70% PTSD rating if I do go to school...so they basically promote to just stay in the house and so forth...
  3. So Carlie, being 100% for MH or IU and using the GI Bill wouldn't raise an eyebrow on the VA's end? I thought they might say something like "well if you can take ONLINE classes then you are not 100% MH or IU"...i know going tan actual classes would be a no-go since you wouldn't be TOTAL social impairment...my question is more towards vets taking online courses such as English Lit, History, Languages, etc.....and the VA turning around and using it against them...
  4. Thanks for the reply and let me add this. Maybe "brain dead" wasn't the correct words to use and didnt mean it towards anyone and so forth; sorry if it does offend anyone. I was merely asking because it was something that came to mind during the day. What I meant is taking a class to stay busy / as a hobby / and what-not...so again, please dont take offense -I would edit the post but then again, noone would know what I was talking about. John, thank you for answering. That brings another question though...what if the VA grants you P&T or IU but you are still within the 10 years for the GI Bill, you cant use it either? Sorry, just asking questions...im not in that situation or anything..just merely trying to see what the VA would do in that case
  5. First let me say I am not P&T or TDIU nor thinking about it . I just thought of this when browsing the forum. I know vets on 100% P&T or TDIU are not (or should be) be working. However, if a vet doesn't just want to sit home and wants to go to college and take classes, or do online classes so he doesn't become brain dead...is that against the rules...? Will the VA come after them claiming they are "trainable" into another field....I just thought of this because if it was me, I probably will take English Lit or history to keep the brain working at least!...
  6. Thank you. Not looking foward to gaining weight at all :-/
  7. Thank you WestCoastly, I went to my PCP today and she told me the same thing...
  8. Sandman, Doc gave me 100mg for night time...lets see how that works.... we used to say "piss poor planning produces piss poor performance" ..the P7...mostly aimed at the jacked up butter bars who plan missions from reading a book and not from listening to NCOs or intel reports from snipers/couts
  9. thanks for the input Carlie. Where do you hear about the blood work and liver enzines...my doc didnt tell me anything just that they will sedate me and to be careful at first....then again, he is always trying to see as many patients as possible so I dont take much of his time....
  10. Carie I checked it out before and I still couldnt see what I was doing wrong. This is how I am getting there my settings==>Profile==>change signature. It seems to work as you can see, but then when I post only the HTML code shows up...? The answers can be found here : http://www.hadit.com...-use-the-forum/
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