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  1. I have a pending increase for migraines. I am now 30%. I have been getting Botox Injections, Nerve blocks for the last 10 years to limit my migraines. Has anyone had Botox etc and then gone for an increase? I am just afraid that they will only see the decline in frequency of the migraines due to injections and not raise it.... Thanks!!!!
  2. Hello, I am 30 % service connected ( cervical and pelvis ) injuries. I was involved in an accident where a tree hit me in the back of the head, I have had migraines ever since. The accident was in 1989. I have been seeing the VA ever since. They have been treating my migraines along with associated symptoms of the neck/head pain. My question is how do I file? Do I file for TBI or Migraines? I have heard horror stories of people filing for TBI and being denied but they get SC for Migraines at 10%, or they file for Migraines and if granted get like 50%. I just want to do it right the first tim
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