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  1. hi jhon999 i think thats what is going to happen to me clump it all toghether with a rating
  2. hi carlie thanks for your reply, sorry to sound dumd but are you saying they will look at all diagnoses for the highest rating or just rate me on the most severe sorry for all the questions but i havent ben able to find the answers anywere
  3. hi all could someone explain to me how the va rates multple diagnoses i have mdd without phycotic features panic disorder/anxiety nos, just last week va diagnosed me with ptsd stessor verified from strs gaf score is 51 i no they rate only one mental health issue but do the others play a role in the rating sceme
  4. ron68

    Not Sure About Cue

    thank you both i will read it right now
  5. ron68

    Not Sure About Cue

    sorry the only thing on my denial letter was no medical evidence to support
  6. ron68

    Not Sure About Cue

    hi jbasser claimed filed 1996. reason for denial no medical evidence, 1996 form 21-2507 states sinisus almost completly bloccked veteran has to breath through his mouth. in 2012 i reopened my claim and won, the c&p examiner said evidence in my c-file and the fact most people with asthma have sinus problems was his rationale.
  7. hi i was denied a claim for sinusitis in 1996, reason for denial no medical evidence. asked for a copy of my c&p and in the medical report form 21-2507 the doctor states almost complete blockage and i have to breath through my mouth, they did approve my claim for sinusitis in 2012. can i put in a cue for an erlier effective date, or do i appeal for that.
  8. ron68

    Medical Opionion

    hi carle and berta i have service connected asthma and service connected sleep apnea they lumped it all under asthma with sleep apnea i claimed depression secondary to sleep apnea not the asthma but i have chronic asthma for 25 + years now i take 3 inhalers nebuliser plus 10 mg prednisone daily and i just found out the lung damage is now the beggining of copd my lungs were damaged in service i have ben rated 60% for asthma since 1989 i have read statments from people trying to get depression secondary to a sprained ankle that is not the case with me. i am just not sure why the RO did not ask for a connection between my sleep apnea and the depression at my c&p.
  9. ron68

    Medical Opionion

    hello again, i dont have a scanner at the moment so i cant upload my docs, and my claim has not ben rated yet it is in the pending decision phase, i was just worried because nowere on the c&p report states the magic word at least as likley than not. i did read the bva data base and saw a few claims remanded back to the ro asking them to get a medical opinion with the words at least as likley than not. i also saw atleast one claim on appeal with the bva granted service connected for depression being secondary to asthma with sleep apnea. it seems like all claims had to go on appeal i was just trying to fix this if possible before i need to appeal mine.
  10. ron68

    Medical Opionion

    hi berta thank you for your reply, maybe i did not state my question right. when i claimed sinusitis as a secondary condition to my sc asthma the va asked the va hospital doctor if it was at least as likley as not related to my sc asthma. but when i claimed depression as secondary to my sc sleep apnea as far as i can tell the va never asked if it was at least as liklley related, the va doctor just stated it was not directly related to my military service. wich i i am not mistaken would be a direct service connection not a secondary that i claimed. thanks for any information
  11. hi all just a question on a c&p exam claimed depression as a secondary condition had my exam picked up a copy says not related to my millitary service but i did not claim it as direct service connection i claimed it as secondary to sleep apnea, shoudint have said least likley as not, or likley as not or something in regards to that. i dont see were their is a medical opinion for it being connected to my sleep apnea.or not connected. will they ask for a medical opinion, thank you for any insight and answers
  12. hi all i have a question in regards to a mental health exam i am sc for asthma with sleep apnea i put in for depression as secondary there is alot of information on the internet that connects the two, but will the va c&p doctor connect them or do i need a medical opinion from a outside source. thanks i have ben seen for my depression by a private source.
  13. hi i filed a claim for sinusitus back in 2003 i was denied for no medical evidence. i reopened the claim 2012. at my c&p the examiner put down it was noted from my c-file i was diagnosed with sinusitus if i receive a rating now should i do a cue for retro back to 2003.
  14. ron68

    New To The Forum

    thanks for the reply, will the va doctors connect the dots or should i have a private doctor review my medical file and give his/her opinion

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