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  1. yeah I been attending weekly va meetings and seeing the VA Shrink but my PTSD has gotten a lot worse. I been to the ER Three times cause of suicide since then my life been a chaos my ex left me and I haven't been able to hold a single job since I got out of the military in 2009... I did 3 tour in Iraq as a combat engineer and all the stress from route clearance n getting blown up n watching friends dying or getting injured and finding torture bodies laying on the roads .. I just haven't been able to cope with all the anger and nightmares.
  2. I finally went to the VA ER cause I couldn't deal with my PTSD anymore.. It got to the point were I was gonna hurt my self so they kept me over night to make sure I wouldn't hurt myself or my wife .. they told me I suffer from 1) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Dissociative symptoms... 2) Major Depressive Disorder with Melancholic features....3) Mild Traumatic Brain Injury by history.... 4) Alcohol use Disorder it took for me to end up in the ER to finally get some help .
  3. I have been browsing this forum on and off for the past few months. I am a service-connected vet rated @ 70%, but 50 for PTSD since I was discharged from Active Duty from the Army in 2009 and awarded 50% for ptsd it has gotten worse I been to the VA ER a few times and they tell me I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Dissociative symtoms.... 2) Major Depressive Disorder with Melancholic features.... 3) Mild traumatic brain injury... 4) Alcohol use disorder... I just don't know if I should apply for and increase?
  4. well Im really confused and angry with the VA clinic. last week I made an appointment to seek help for my PTSD cause its getting worse.. I been having trouble sleeping n my mood swings are getting worse n thoughts off suicide have cross my mind when I lose my temper cause of my mood swings and nightmares..... so I went to my appointment and told the psychiatrist how I felt but instead she is telling me im feeling this way cause of alcohol and she wont treat me for ptsd unless I do an 8 week alcohol program and attend a few AA meeting... IDK what else to do it seems shes blaming all my problems to alcohol.. I guess I just have to wait and see what happens,
  5. Thanks harleyman for ur advice I really appreciate it. Everyday I'm learning something new here in hadit n thanks to everyone for all te info n advice.
  6. Thanks megp0405 next week I have another appointment I'm gonna ask them to see if they could give me a letter saying I can't hold a job... But I'm not sure if they will cause since 09 I haven't been to the VA or had a job.. I was homeless for a while n I have my license suspended due to my drinking but thanks to god I met a wonderfu girl who's helping me out n stared taking me to my VA appointments..
  7. Thanks Berta and everyone else for all the help n info..! I'm gonna take ur advice and apply for SSDI and also for TDUI .. Ill keep you guys updated.. N I will also take ur advice and go to the VA it's just a lil hard since I got my license suspended n everytime I try to make an appt for mental health or other issues I have they always make me wait a few weeks but I sure do need to get some help for my PTSD since I think it's getting worse..
  8. How you doing my name is Rudy...Currently I'm 70%...... since 09 I haven't had a job since i got out of the army in 2007 then in 2008 i was called back into the IRR to go back to iraq once i got out in february 09. I apply and got 70% Disability cause of my PTSD witch I'm rated at 50% , 10% TBI, 10 Tinnitus , 10 right knee, 10 left knee, 10 lower back. since 09 my life has gone down hill my wife left me and took my son cause she couldnt deal with my ptsd n drinking... im trying to get life together n find a job i just cant deal with all the anxiety n panic attacks ... i just wanted to know if you guys think I should apply for an increase or apply for TDUI?
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