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  1. I am being seen by my family physician (who had me do this second sleep study this year) and a Pulminary Specialist for the OSA. Should I have the family physician or the specialist give the opinion? Do i take them a DBQ to fill out? I'm requesting copies of my health record from the VA so I can see what the wording was in the original sleep study that I had while on active duty. Thanks, Cory
  2. Here is the reasoning on why my original (in 2004) claim for Sleep Apnea was denied: "In February of 2004, while on active duty, you underwent a sleep study at Medical Center. The results of this study were mixed in that the examiner opined that the study findings were consistent with a OSA which is primarily related to simultaneous REM and supine sleep but otherwise you had minimal disease. The examiner was unable to ascertain if you were able to maintain lateral sleep if the symptons were reduced. The examiner recommended that you be further evaluated and that muscle training and weight
  3. Thanks everyone. Yes I had a recent Sleep Study done by my civilian provider. I had been falling asleep at work and I actually fell alseep driving and went off the side of the road. My wife freaked out about the accident and made me go to the Doc. After the sleep study done this year is when I got the CPAP. I'll have to dig up my medical records from the surgery back in 04 and present those to my current civilian doctor to see if he can write something up linking the two sleep studies. Should I have my civilian doc do a DBQ for sleep apnea? Cory
  4. I guess I did drop the ball. I figured a Doctor telling me surgery would work for the SA would be ok advice to follow. It's an interesting situation to be in. Thanks for the reply. C
  5. My original claim was filed in 2004 after active duty. I had a sleep study done in 2004. Doc said I needed rhinoplasty. Had surgery in 2004 and then never had another sleep study done. VA denied SA claim saying that I did not have sleep apnea (is this because I was not wearing a mask?). Now this year sleep apnea is worsened (I'm not sure it every went away) and I have to wear maske. Can I refile for service connection for sleep apnea? Another issue is that I'm in the Air Guard and they are putting me through DES for non-duty disability. They are claiming my OSA and depression are grounds for a
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