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  1. SubDude

    Buddy Letter

    Thanks for responding bronocvet-I bow to your wisdom :)
  2. SubDude

    Buddy Letter

    Asking for Your Wisdom - Anyone. I have been asked to write a Buddy Letter for a shipmate, which I have done. My question is-will I be required to travel to his exam, to give testimony? Will I be phone called? Or neither?
  3. My 1st post, so "Hello" to everyone - here goes. I have received my VA Disability Pension with A&A for one yr now, this is my wife's & my only income. She has just now been awarded SSDI. Here's the question(s) - Does her's automatically come out of mine - just my pension OR from both pension plus A&A? When she receives a lump back payment, does my pension stop until all of that is paid for? Can OR should we try and switch her SSDI to SSI (she qualifies for either)? Thanks for any & all imput.
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