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  1. I am a 20 year retired vet and receive retired pay. I was also rated by VA at 50% in 2006. Today I received a letter stating I am now at 80% based on a re-evaluation I started July 2013. So my question is: will my retired pay stay the same and my VA compensation increase? This is a very confusing document.
  2. So whether you work or not, you are always entitled for compensation for surgery for service connected disabilities, correct?
  3. I was told by the DAV that since my back issues are service related and I had back surgery, I am entitled to temporary 100% disability. I do work and will just take leave for however long it takes. I did call and open a claim for two months for this surgery. The question I have is: Since I am working or using leave, am I legally entitled to this 100% temporary for this type of surgery? Help here, I know VA is a crapshoot to navigate, but do not want to claim something I am not entitled to.

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