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  1. Well still nothing as of Aug 27th 2014 other then today my AB8 letter in Ebennies changed to show 80%. Day 65 or so after receiving SOC/DRO Review Statement of Case. I will update as soon as I hear something.
  2. Also after doing some reading this last month and talking with my fellow veterans. I believe if they do not include in my award letter or mention IU, I will fill the 21-8940 form out and just hopefully it will get granted asap. And if they only use the claim date of the IU form after getting awarded I will again file a NOD and write "Thank you for the IU and I agree with this award but I disagree with the Effective date being date of IU claim and it should go back to Aug of 2011 when I became 70% rated and therefore eligible for IU. If I submit a 21-8940 and include the effective date of AUG 2011 they might deny based on back pay alone. Id rather fight for back while having the IU benefit awarded already. Trying to not muddy the water and go one step at a time. While giving the VA a chance to do what is right at each step of the process.
  3. Still waiting on BBE (big brown envelope) since my SOC was issued on JUNE 24 2014 Last week I got with VSO in my county and we wrote a letter to the VA Regional Office stating I agree with the Decision of 70% PTSD and the effective date of Aug 19, 2011 and to please close my appeal and process my award letter. I will update this Thread when I get anymore info..
  4. Still wating on BBE after recieving SOC

  5. I appreciate the responses. I will post what the results are when I get my official award letter. And go from there.
  6. Carlie Great Advice I was thinking they should Infere me for TDIU, and if they don't I guess they aren't doing their job. But does the award letter take time after receiving the SOC Ive heard it depends on the RO and the workload Some I have read said a few days later others say a few months... So Ive been waiting almost 36 months as of next month so I guess I can wait a tad longer..
  7. Berta, I am confused. Are you saying the EED should be prior to the 2011 EED? Due to the SSA award? No I am just wondering if I do File TDIU this month will the go back to AUG 2011 with the Retro. The date I became 70% for PTSD.. I did not back date my SSDI I was unaware and working thur my stuff somewhat.. So TDIU has never been filled I honestly just found out about this recently...Otherwise I might have filled in AUG of 2011 or at the NOD point in Sep of 2012..I was just unaware and un-informed.
  8. Well I worked in 2011 till April 1st..Had been on FMLA for 3 years out of the 7, I worked at AM General building the Military Humvees on the affirmative action disabled veterans clause since getting out...It finally proved to be too much missing up to 6 months a year for 3 years was not uncommon for me.. So after a divorce of 12 years, child custody issues, VOC Rehab failure switched to IDLP, loss of JOB, I seeked help in AUG of 2011... I didn't back date my SSDI to a year prior, I dated it the day I filled it online. I was awarded 23 days later and didn't receive my first payment until DEC of 2011 about 5 months later. Im just wondering if I do get IU will it all be RETRO To Claim Date of AUG 2011. I filled the NOD on the 30% in Sep of 2012 after 13 months of filling the initial claim. And I made a call to the American Legion Service Rep at the RO fed building in April he said I would request a hearing it cant hurt. So I did with him on the phone and May 3 I went to a Informal Hearing and talk to the VA across the table and said what is talking so long I have been on SSDI since Aug of 2011 and haven't worked my condition is well documented and etc etc. She looked right at me and said " Give me 30 days and I believe you will be at 100% percent.. After we walked out the American Legion Rep looked at me and said, "I deal with that lady all the time, and she doesn't say things she doesn't mean!! Today is a day you go home and drink a beer he said while he patted me on the back...... And about 41 days later I received the SOC ( Statement of CASE) on JUNE 24, 2014 and it mentions this as follows... "WE ORGINALLY ASSIGNED A 30% EVALUTION FOR SERVICE CONNECTED PTSD. ADDITIONAL EVIDIENCE SHOWS THAT THE CONDITION IS MORE DISABLING THAN REFLECTED IN THAT EVALUTION. FOR EXAMPLE, SOCIAL SECURITY ADMIN RECORDS SHOW THAT THERE IS MARKED IMPAIRMENT AND A DETERMINTAION THAT YOUR ARE DISABLED DUE TO THE CONDITION. VOCATIONAL REHABLITATION RECORDS SHOW YOU DISCONTINUED THE PROGRAM DUE TO SYMPTONS OF PTSD AND UPSET IN PERSONAL LIFE. VAMC OUTPATINET TREATMENT REPORTS SHOW FAIRLY STABLE LEVEL OF IMPAIRMENT WITH REPORTS OF ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, AND HISTORY OF ANGER OUTBURST. THE EVALUTION OF POST STRESS DISORDER (PTSD) IS INCREASED TO 70% DISABLING EFFECTIVE AUGUST 19, 2011.
  9. Hello everyone, This site has really helped me understand the VA process and different ways they like to deny. First off I served 8 years active duty, I have been 30% since I left active duty in Sep of 2004. My ratings were 10% left index finger 10% right hand, 10% Cervical Spine Classifacation all low balled and I never seeked higher ratings. Until Aug 0f 2011 after several years of depression and feelings of Anxiety etc, I filled a claim for PTSD after several appointments and being told this was the condition. I also applied for SSDI at roughly the same time I filled a claim with the VA. I was approved 23 days letter for SSDI with the wounded warrior expedited process...In Sep 2012 I was awarded 30% PTSD and filled an NOD submitted SSDI paperwork again and Just last month JUNE 24 received a SOC ( Statement of CASE) PTSD currently at 30% is increased to 70% it says the effective date is AUG 2011 it says in light of SSDI and I was in Voc Rehab and was deemed no longer Employable with them all this was the same in AUG of 2011 I guess they just ignored these facts until last month.. My question is since I was awarded 70% PTSD effective AUG 2011 initial claim, I am submitting a claim for TDIU this month July 30th, which I would have done once I got my percentage rating years ago..I have not worked since April of 2011 which was 4 months before filling a PTSD claim and SSDI. I will file for TDIU but was curious on the effective DATE of this claim. The VA received Notice I was on SSDI way back in AUG of 2011 or September. I went to my County Service Rep and said hey we have a claim in for PTSD and I was awarded SSDI based on Service record and VA treatment records. I was waiting for TDIU to meet the % requirements and well it looks like I meant them back in AUG of 2011 but just found out about this thur the SOC which by the way TOday is 7/17/2014 how long till the official award letter shows up...I believe I am 80% overall now. 70% plus 4 different 10% ratings..10% Tinnitus as well.. Thanks for any responses and this Forum and all the Veterans has been a great help...Thanks for everything
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