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  1. Completion of remanded items now take between 16 - 29 months. Use to take 7 - 17 months. Does this mean my remanded items are now delayed and why? This is backward, the new system should be quicker. Does it matter that I decided to remain in the legacy system?
  2. Being part of the backlog means I’m a thorn in their side. They want so badly to Eleminate it they might just grant everything. I’m four months in from three items remanded. It is said that a remand decision takes 7 - 12 months. With all the opting-in to the RAMP program, that should leave plenty of people to finish my claim. Let’s see if I’m right. I’m thinking it’s like the line at the teller...each time you switch lines-it gets slower. Or, each time you change lanes to gain distance-your changing back. The no brainer for me is that I would lose my ability to appeal to the next level. Staying with the legacy system should show “I’m going all the way!”. Seems to me if you go where everyone else’s going then that place will be where the backlog is. THOUGHTS, please advise
  3. UPDATE After a letter to Washington, a promenade kidney surgeon called me on the phone apologizing. He said the condition was a misdiagnosis and he’s flying down to do the surgery. I kid you not! Wow! Two days later, that kidney was removed with all the atrophied utter and connections. Turns out, the 10.2 cm bowling ball was an aneurism of the utter tube coming from my right kidney to my bladder. He said if that had burst for any reason, we’ll, let’s just say it would be messy. Thank God I listened to my gut! Btw, I fired that Doctor!
  4. When I wrote medical records I meant Military Medical and Service Records. Does this make any difference?
  5. The regional office called me with one question and I answered it. While I had him on the phone I asked what documents he still needed. He replied your medical records. I told him I had my medical records. He told me to upload them and he'll check for them in the morning. Rosa at my Vet Affairs office told me I canceled my FDC by doing that. Is this true?
  6. Thanks for the comments. I'll try anything! As for the Patient Advocate...all she has done is read the Dr's note. I say "that's it!" and she says "yep!". Useless! I'll never go to her again for anything.
  7. I've been waiting six months for a Urology Appointment. I have a 10.2 cm parapelvic cyst on my right kidney. My PcP has requested a consult 3 times. Urology Dept. just canceled it every time. They're too busy. My PcP called me and told me not to wear a seat belt because it could rubture. What is the process of using private care? Where does the bill go? Do I first have to get VA's approval? How good is this bill if Veterans can't figure out how to use it?
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