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  1. Im was granted 100% disability from VA waht benefits can my wife get now we are confused........
  2. Just wanted to say thank you to all that have replied to my post. I recieved my VA decison yesterday. It was a long hard road but its over. Thank you VA DETROIT for your help. MICHIGAN PURE !!!!!!
  3. Whe given a100% rating and it says deffered what does that mean?
  4. It was submitted and my claim is for the same issue, it only took 30 for SSDI to be approved.
  5. Does VA look at it positve if you are drawing SSD when you have a calim in decision phase.
  6. It has been 30 days still no word, Im getting a bad feeling.
  7. Ty for the help I will check that its been ahard road to follow finance and health.
  8. Va stated claim was in decesion phase, they sacre me how long before they complete it. My trust level has went down the drain. I know im not the only one with a calim but it has been on going dumb sh*t things HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Can not beleve the stories I hear of VA claim records being hidden our trashed so sad. People who do this should be jailed. No excuse.
  10. The doctor was awesome he backed VA findin with no issue. He stated that my issues will not change and will be with me till (YA KNOW) he was very good and listened to what we spoke. He had all ready viewed my records and spent a hour talking over my records.
  11. Ty for replys we will see I have my VA dcotor to assist I have all I need to show this civilan doctor.
  12. I hope its good I have been way over a yera with my claim. I hope the doctor is not a anti military sad to say it happens.
  13. Is it good or bad when VA sends you yo a civilian doctor for exam for you VA claim. Im not real sure about this.
  14. Yes I draw SSDI but it does not go far sad to say. My wife cant work because of my condition we are hoping this gets done soon. On ebenifts it shows gathering info.
  15. Im so un happy I had my claim closed submitted 23-Dec-2103 because of a form I never recived, had to resubmitt my claim, what can I do to speed up the process I feel I was not at fault they just want you to give up. How can I get help I never do not open anything I get from VA when they sent my a packet no way would have I missed it. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP any ideas.
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