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  1. ok thanks guys, but if it was deferred what does that mean?
  2. I originally filed for compensation back in feb 2014, in Oct 2014 they gave me Flat Feet with Ankle Pain 50% rating Left ankle mild chronic achilles tendonitis, mild chronic tibiotalar tendonitis 10% Right ankle mild chronic achilles tendonitis, mild chronic tibiotalar tendonitis 10% PTSD 50% total rating of 80%, I received my back pay and etc. In December 2014, I filed for an increase for the PTSD, claimed some there things an individual unemployability. I just saw on ebenefits that they increased the PTSD rating to 70%, did not rate the other things as service connected, I am now rated at 90% however, there is no decision about the individual unemployability on ebenefits or on any of the VA letters. I have not received any official documentation from the VA by US Mail yet. However, Should I assume that the IU has been denied? if so? what should I do now ?
  3. No I havent received the BBE, whatever that means?, I am assuming its the letter from the VA explaining their decision? As far as ebenefits go and the letters on ebenefits, it shows 90% and gives the pay rate nothing about IU. under the disability section, it shows the rating for each disability but IU is not there nor is it rated for anything, should I assume that IU was denied?
  4. Hi there I was wondering if someone can help me. Today I discovered that my overall rating was increased from 80% to 90%. They increased my PTSD rating from 50% to 70%. I also requested for Individual Unemployability but I do not see a rating for it on ebenefits. Ebenefits shows the increase in the PTSD rating and the rate but nothing about IU for or against. Is this normally done by US mail? or should I assume the IU was denied since online at ebenefits its showing the rate of 90% and the pay at 90%?? thanks in advance!
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