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  1. Thanks so very much to ALL who have taken the time to provide your answer to my question. I will go to the web pages that have been provided and check out the information. Thanks again, Don
  2. Where do I find the Diagnostic code the VA uses to determine my benefits? Do I submit these codes on my application for my service connected disability?
  3. On the Disability Benefits Questionnaire for my Doctor to complete (VA Form 21-0960N-1) (DBQ). It says select the veterans condition and then it has ICD code & Date of diagnosis. Is this the ICD code (Diag. Code) from my physician's statements? Can I submit to VA a copy of the physician's billing statement that has the diag. code on it along with a table of the explanation of the ICD CODE?
  4. ICD (Diagnosis Code) & CPT (Procedure Code) Or 4.87 VA Codes I’m applying for Meniere’s syndrome (endolymphatic hydrops) Service connected disability. My question is on my insurance form 1/3/2002 the coding for this is 386.02 Active Meniere’s disease, cochleovestibular. On the VA 4.87 – Schedule of Ratings – Ear it shows code 6205 Meniere’s syndrome (endolymphatic hydrops: Hearing impairment with attacks of vertigo and cerebellar gait occurring more than once weekly, with or without tinnitus. When I take my DBQ to the ear nose and throat doctor to fill out for me does he en
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