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  1. I was recently denied SC for coronary artery disease as a secondary to hypertension. I have since filed another claim for unrelated contention but when I was checking under "disabilities" in Ebenefits, I see were coronary artery disease is back under pending disabilities but this time is a new claim vice a secondary claim. Do anyone have any insight on this? Thanks
  2. I filed a claim for CAD secondary to HTN. I had my C & P on June 5th and I received my copy via release of information yesterday. My question is I thought CAD secondary to sc HTn was a slam dunk. The write up from the C&P doctor states: While HTN is a risk factor for CAD, the veteran also has other risk factors including male age over 45 years old, family history of heart disease, prior cigareete smoking (quit in 1997) and low HDL in 2002. Also accoding to UP to DATE: obesity and weight gain promotes or aggravates all the atherogenic risk factors and physical activity worsens some to t
  3. I recently got diagnosed with varicose veins and I am SC for HTN. Can I file a claim for varicose veins secondary to HTN?
  4. The stress test was a nuclear stress test. I have not had an ECHO and I had a stress test years ago with the LF EF was 50%. that is what she based the CAD on.
  5. Lead [-] Hello Everyone, I had my C&P on Friday. I claimed CAD secondary to HTN. I was diagnosed with CAD by my VA Doctor. I had a stress test completed and the results are down below. The C&P doctor states that I don't have CAD. Anybody have any thoughts on this and which direction should I go if denied. Granted it states that probablity of CAD being relatively low - that doesn't indicate not having CAD. Plus my METS where not greater than 5. Information on FAX: stress test reportLVEF: 58%conclusions:pro
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