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    We just received a denial from VA for A & A. I'm debating about whether or not to appeal. As a former union steward, my usual stance is to appeal and make them prove that we're not eligible. His therapist--and mine--all share the same opinion (both have written statements to that effect), that we should get it, but my vet is worried that VA will deem him incompetent and take away his firearm rights. He is 80% due to PTSD, 10% headaches, and 10% tinnitus. I wrote up a 3 page statement to support our position and describe our daily routine. I think it qualifies for "or incapacity, physical or mental, which requires care or assistance on a regular basis to protect the claimant from hazards or dangers incident to his or her daily environment." 38 CFR 3.352 Could somebody give me some feedback?