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  1. Berta, you said "in house vet rep". What is that and how would I find one?
  2. Is there a problem with posting phone numbers? I really want to help this guy, but I don't really know him. I just really have his contact #.
  3. I totally agree with you. He's 83 years old and is forgetful. I don't live near him nor do I know him? Can you call him: PM Member for Phone Numbr
  4. I think he doesn't have any of that stuff. Actually from what I've read, I don't know why they are saying he shouldn't get the pension since the only prerequisite is that he served in a time of war. Is there a pension you only get if you actually served in combat out of country?
  5. I recently met a Korean vet who is 83 years old and is in a wheelchair. He was in the military from April 9, 1952 to Sept. 18, 1954. His disability is not from combat although he did have hearing problems from his experience with heavy artillery. He is able to use the VA hospital because he has his honorable discharge papers. This vet has asked for a pension because he spent time in Korea in 540 Company, 8th Battalion . His combat records were destroyed in the 1973 fire in Chicago. He has been told he can't have his pension because he can't prove he was sent to Korea. At his age it will be di
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