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  1. Hello I am a 27 years army vet. I got out in 2010. I started having panic attacks in 2011. The emergency room gave me Klondike and later my personal physician put me on celexa. I started going to the VA in 2015 because the panic attacks got worst. My VA psychiatrist diagnosed me with combat related Anxiety and a mood disorder not PTSD. He states that Criteria E/F on the PTSD scale is on going and combat related next he states the anxiety is combat related in the assessment. Every time I go there he writes something like stress reaction is causing mixed reaction/combat related. A VA psychologist sent me for Psychotherapy for "combat related Anxiety". The VA have me on 4 other PTSD medication so, put in a claim for both anxiety and PTSD. Their is nothing in my military record for any of these disorders, but every time I go to the VA they said that It is combat related. I have a C & P exam next week with a DR shriver for my PTSD claim. I am wondering how would that go over if nothing is in my service records but the three VA doctors that I have seen so far said Combat related Anxiety?