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  1. I asked for a tape recording of the hearing not a copy of the transcript, hope this clears things up. The BVA sent me a copy of the transcript that I already possess. The transcript left out entire statements that I was very clear about and witness statements that are simply missing from the official record. I want a tape recording of the hearing to compare it to the official transcript. Sorry about the confusion.
  2. I asked the BVA for a copy of the tape recording of a hearing for a reduction of rating hearing. The BVA sent me another copy of the transcript! The transcript of the hearing had entire conversations between myself and a witness that are not on the record. Do they destroy the recording tape after the transcripts are transcribed? This is BS! In January I had a c/p exam for an increase of my disability Nuerological Nos (50%). The exam is inadequte, grossly inadequate . I question the doctor even specializes in my disability. He was not concerned of my symptoms or symptomology. In my opinion they did not go over my entire file. A month later I get a notice to reduce my rating from 50%-30%! I had a hearing late April, had a co worker do a buddy statement and eyewitness statement from my significant other. I told the Board the interview was inadequte. The board went with the original doctors findings and disregarded the statements stating they were "not doctors". WTF. why say we can submit buddy statement and eyewitness statements?BS. A lay person can testify to an eyewitness of symptoms. I looked over the transcripts and there were entire passages I said that were not on the record. I brought up the head trauma i received in 1995 while in service and is in my medical file. HADIT.

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