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  1. thank you for your answers. They were done by VES and the VA received them very quickly. The examiner said she was submitting them as I sat there. I was surprised the process could happen that quickly, I had 2 C&Ps scheduled and completed by VES with n 3 weeks of filing. I was very surprised they happened so quickly. I have seen post on here that shows people waiting a long time for them to be scheduled. Thank you again
  2. yes in December and have verified they RO office received them at the end of December
  3. my claim is still gathering evidence but when checking under claim status it showed the following needed from me and I don't quiet understand what they mean by how it is worded, request 2 was submitted with the initial FDC. I do not understand number 3 and why they even have it on there if it is no longer needed. Is it just ebenefits mumbo jumbo or does it mean anything?? thank you in advance, any opinions would be appreciated.
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