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  1. I am not speaking in layman terms when it comes to medical opinions provided by two VA medical doctors who are knowledgeable in their fields. You continue to say that fibro does not come from PTSD or IBS. I know that....aggravation doesn't mean something comes from it. It means that that contention has been aggravated by the current s/c contention. That is plausible. The attached findings speak volumes with regards to MST among WOMEN VETERANS with FMS Page 4 of 5 bottom of the page, there are two questions asked of the WOMEN VETERANS regarding MST: Question 1. When you were
  2. Here is the issue with the second article. I have read that one but it is a study of patients who suffer with FMS and looking at PTSD not the other way around. "The article presents an overview of the study results available on the prevalence of PTSD in FMS patients, the known and proposed mechanisms of their association, and the impact of PTSD on FMS outcomes" I need to prove the opposite..... Now the other article is of some interest since it is talking about MST/Fibro....
  3. I am agreeing I am going to be denied but if they do not address the aggravation in the denial then they have not done their job and failed to do my claim in a complete fashion. Most likely I will file an NOD under the RAMP HLR with my rep. A CUE while tough to get approved, goes back to the same folks that did the denial and I don't want to do that. You are mistaken about aggravation. I have my VA Mental Health Doctor and VA RA doctor both stating aggravation for Fibro/PTSD. There is a lot of literature out there but it means nothing if it doesn't pertain to me. The point I am
  4. Never said Fibro "comes" from either IBS or PTSD. There is known facts of aggravation which is why both my RA and MH doctors wrote their medical opinions on my behalf. And yes, if they fail to not look at aggravation and in the denial make no mention of denying due to aggravation, that is a CUE because my claim asked for them to consider either causation or aggravation. There is a lot of medical literature and other veteran claims at the BVA that have in fact service connected a non-service connected Fibro to PTSD, as well as other contentions.
  5. I think it will too but if they do not address a denial taking into factor Aggravation there is a CUE here. I’m sure it will be denied based on no causation. So frustrating.
  6. I am beyond frustrated right now!!!! My claim is now preparation for decision and my fear is that it will be denied and I will have to appeal. I filed for my non-service connected Fibro as caused or aggravated by the service connected IBS and/or service connected PTSD on an as likely as not basis. See my screen shot attached of my original claim in July 2018. I had my first C&P exam in September 2018 and it was negative based on the examiner stated there was no causation of my s/c PTSD to my Fibro. See the screen shot below. I will note that he did a separate C&P exam for Fibro an
  7. I am digging up an old thread here but wanted to post. My husband is currently at 90% overall and STUCK here b/c of the incompetence of the VA. He is an OIF/OEF Veteran and is having a lot of difficulty getting Fibro and CFS service connected. Right now he has an NOD since November 2018 for about 12 contentions to include the Fibro and CFS issues. We reached out to Dr. Ellis via our rep who is well known with a lot of Veterans and owners of this site. Our rep has steered us right for years and I can't imagine not using him for my hubby. So we reached out to Dr. Ellis' team and we filled
  8. Okay, so unless they have found significant improvement you won't be reduced because of one C&P exam. Your MH therapy records, along with the C&P exam will be reviewed. I wouldn't put too much into just the one factor of the Occupational and social impairment box that was checked. The entire C&P exam is taken into factor. Do you have a copy of it you can redact personal information and post here? You have to keep in mind, anytime you file for an increase, you do risk the chance of a decrease. Remember this...if they propose a reduction, you can fight it. Right now
  9. You will only receive ONE MH rating. I am service connected for PTSD/MST and MST is related to personal trauma. You can have many other MH issues but again only one primary MH rating. I read your success story, so you were granted an increase in June 2018 to 70% for your MH rating. Most likely all they are doing is confirming if you meet the criteria for MST/Personal Trauma.
  10. The OP is referring to the C&P exam box that was checked for Occupational and Social Impairment. The C&P exam is just one component of the entire claim. You will need to wait to see the end result of the claim. What are you currently rated for regarding your MH %?
  11. CUE's are VERY VERY hard to prove and while a Veteran may think they have a CUE, the law differs.
  12. Berta; https://helpdesk.vetsfirst.org/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=1874 this is where I got the language. I value your opinions and see what you are saying but this is conflicting information so maybe my source is bad?
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