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  1. Thank you both for the information. My question was the schedule does not really list PTSD symptoms. I can look up symptoms on many sites, yes. But have not found where they relate to the schedule. Some yes, most no. Just looking to see where my medical symptom notes fall under the schedule. 10-30-50-70. A Happy Thanksgiving, with a great Christmas and New Year to both of you and your families.
  2. Thank you Buck. I was wondering if there was a list of were the symptoms fall. I have seen some comments of 6 symptoms in 30%, 2 in 50%, and 1 in 70%.
  3. I am writing my claim for PTSD. How do PTSD symptoms equate to the rating formula for mental disorders? Trying to see where my symptoms are rated. Sorry if this has been answered. Did not find it in a search.
  4. tazntaylr

    MST with PTSD or PTSD

    Thank you for the help and guidance Andy. That was the important info I needed.
  5. tazntaylr

    MST with PTSD or PTSD

    Berta, Thank you for the help and guidance. For me, I am glad a Vet center is helping me. I do have a buddy statement. I will send for the CID and see if I can get more help there. Will see what the archives provide for records. Even if the VA does not think MST, can always be PTSD.
  6. tazntaylr

    MST with PTSD or PTSD

    Berta, Great info. Thank you. Does the vet center have someone there who can help you file a claim for PTSD? Don't know. A VSO is helping me. Just did not know to file as MST with PTSD or PTSD. "Both the female and male soldiers were reduced in rank and given other than honorable discharges a month or two after I was there." Will the documentation under FOIA you seek specifically identify you as a victim of this harassment? Unknown. It should show that she asked me to kill someone and I reported it to CID. I don't believe the harassment was ever recorded. I was just reassigned. " After the second time I went to CID and wore a wire twice. " I would assume the wire evidence was on tape for the CID, and if so this should definitely be specified under the FOIA for release. Thank you. "As I was getting out in 1999 I learned that she had asked other people in the unit to kill me. I was seen at a Vet center into 2000." Have you made any attempt to find any inservice buddys in your unit who could support that with a buddy statement? The guy who told had just PCS from the company her friends were in. He happened to be talking about the incident and did not realize who I was. The only buddy statement I have was from a buddy who in my unit on my return from Brigade HQ. He knew of the incident and witnessed the harassment from my chain of command. Have you googled the names of the two people who were giving an OTH? Not that we need the names here- but they might have a history of bad acts since they were booted out. No. I did check her when I got out to make sure she was not near me. Can I assume they were in the Army up to 1999-? No. They were discharged in 1996. Incident was 1995. Can you tell me what unit the female soldier was in? * A Co. 32nd Signal Battalion, 22 Sig Brigade. Kelly Barracks Darmdstadt GE. I was also in A co till they moved me to B Co. This was certainly a traumatic experience. Just the fact alone that she asked you to kill someone (was that on the wire and taped? ) and then asks others to kill you is horrific. Her asking me was. Do you rememeber any of the names of individuals that she asked that of? No. They were not in my circle of friends. If I had a unit photo of 95 or 96 maybe. * It is a long shot but maybe there is a BVA decision that would reflect a female OTH veteran ,in this same unit she was in, that might also reflect legal info that you could use in your claim, who was trying to get VA benefits. Could be. I am willing to search the BVA web site for anything after 1999 that might possible help. I would need the name of the Unit she was in and I assume she was discharged in 1999? Thank you. Unit is above. Discharged in 1996. But the best thing to do is to try to acquire the info you asked for under FOIA. I will. Is any of this recorded in your military personnel file , in a way that helps prove what happened? Still awaiting arrival. I have asked from archives. I had a horrible experience many years ago. Someone attacked me viciously on the internet. I found out who they were and where they lived and then,through my internet searches I found they were already involved in a court case unrelated to my problem with them. I was able to give testimony against them,to the court, by contacting the plaintiff's lawyer and I provided documentation of the things they said about me on line. I was able to follow the entire case on line, by paying for links to each hearing.I realized they had hurt many others as well and the outcome of that case was Wonderful.!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to hear and glad for the outcome. So I know how it feels to be innocently targeted and victimized unfairly by someone and these people can be very dangerous. But I also know that research can reveal often a series of prior bad acts, that can prove ,innocent targeted people are not simply telling a personal story,...... they are telling the truth. ( such as the Me Too movement). I hope you find the evidence you need, and it might take some time, but if you file a claim for PTSD due to military trauma, you will need to prove what happened because the VA's Duty to Assist is very limited and we claimants have to do most of the leg work ourselves, when it comes to evidence. So, file as military trauma with PTSD as secondary?
  7. tazntaylr

    MST with PTSD or PTSD

    Berta, Thank you for the information. I have already requested my military and medical records. Exiled means that I was in charge of my own team and looking at promotion, then they brought the female soldier back to the unit. My company commander transferred me to another company (with a letter of caution). My platoon Lt. did not even know, the prosecuting attorney told me. In that company she proceeded to harass me. Enough that when my new Company Commander (a good one) had to send someone to Brigade HQ I was sent. I was assigned to Brigade HQ as a driver for a year. Both the female and male soldiers were reduced in rank and given other than honorable discharges a month or two after I was there. I consider that time as being exiled.
  8. I have been working with a VSO to file my claim. I am currently in the process of gathering information. Only thing, file for MST with PTSD or file PTSD. VSO was hung up on the sexual part of MST. Background: Was in service 1991-2000. In 1995 was involved with a female soldier, who also was involved with another male (married) soldier. After an exercise and the last night sleeping together she asked me to kill his wife. After the second time I went to CID and wore a wire twice. While the Article 32 hearing was going on she was let out of pre-trial and started harassing me, being around me. I was moved from my company to another, and ultimately to the brigade HQ (rear detachment). Brigade HQ was deployed then. Both the female soldier and male soldier were other than honorable discharged, but I was exiled for a year. Not the same after. As I was getting out in 1999 I learned that she had asked other people in the unit to kill me. I was seen at a Vet center into 2000. Same time as the Article 32, my chain of command was trying to discipline me for an Article 15/court martial. The incident was with the female soldier (before she had asked me) and was on a trumped up charge. Even had the 1st sergeant threatened me in his office about "if he could not get me on that charge he would find another". After my time in Brigade HQ I returned to almost a new unit, only 5% knew me. All I wanted was out, but he harassed me every day to change my mind and go to the promotion board. Would not even let anyone drive me to airport to PCS. It took my wife to point out that when I get harassed or witness it at work that I am affected by it. I am currently being seen for it by the Vet center I was seen at before. The vet center had listed me as PTSD and marked as military trauma. Also, I don't have anything from that time as I was not in a good place and as a 26 year old did not want the reminders in my barracks room. So if anyone knows how to get the CID or JAG records I am all ears.

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