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  1. While I have more to fight back with, DRO hearing next month from other claim. The first I found I was rated last week was by bank deposit, with a check of e-benefits. PTSD was rated at 70%. Currently rated at 80%. I was denied all my secondary requests to PTSD, but will look into that. I would like to thank all of you, and information obtained from other sites to help me compile my PTSD claim.
  2. Thank you vetquest. I do have 70% symptoms, but he only marked a few. Not all that I informed him. They are listed in the medical records and lay statements. Hard to get them all listed when he was looking at the clock for the next exam.
  3. Doc25, I also got the medical opinion. DX was PTSD, stressor was Nexus, and "at as likely". 50 or more.
  4. Filed claim Jan 2019, Exam Feb 2019 with VES, got DBQ last week from RO. Thank you for all the help. DBQ redacted.pdf
  5. REDACTED DBQ. Thank again for the help. DBQ redacted.pdf
  6. Went to the Los Angeles RO and was able to get my medical opinion and DBQ. At least I don't have so much to worry about. I was DX with PTSD from 1 stressor. DR said other stressor did not meet Criteria A. Does it matter to be DX for PTSD under 1 stressor or multiple stressors? Criteria A: Box 1 Criteria B: Box 3 Criteria C; Box 1 Criteria D; Box 5-6 Criteria E: Box 3 and 6. I believe 1 an 2 should have been. In med notes. Criteria F, G, H: Box 1 Criteria I: Box 1 Symptoms: Box 1-3, 7-8, 18-20, 22 I believe missed #13. In Lay statements
  7. Vetquest, Both the VA medical center and the Los Angeles RO are not too far. Is the standard VA request form good enough? How soon to try to get the information?
  8. Had the exam today, and lasted an hour. Was a PhD Doctor from Las Vegas. My wife was allowed in, and was able to contribute. My wife was able to add things from another point of view. My stressors were non-combat. My only concern was his question about why I thought one of my stressors was related to PTSD. That was the proposed Article 15, and spiced with chain of command destroying evidence and threating me. I did not like his tone when he commented about my requesting a court-martial. I told him that was because they had to prove their case and I was innocent. Chain of Command ultimatel
  9. Shrek, Have not been awarded. Just filed my claim Jan 10. This is my first C&P for that claim.
  10. Vetquest, Thank you for the help. I do plan to do as you have written. Stressing out now about the exam, what will I say and so on. I at least have that day and the next requested off in case I need it. Thank you again.
  11. I have my PTSD claim C&P scheduled for Thursday. The exam was set up by VES. The examiner is a PHd out of Las Vegas/Arizona/CA that does C&P exams. My question: Can my wife sit in the exam? She knew me before, during, and after the Army. We were married the last few years of service, and after my incidents.
  12. Hi tazntaylr, Thank you for your donation! We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Your donation includes 1 month of ad free viewing. If you prefer the ad free view, you can subscribe for a monthly or yearly subscription. Thanks Tbird/VA Disability Compensation Benefits Forums - HadIt.com Veterans
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