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  1. Bronchovet, Sorry, Please understand that I am asking questions not only for myself, but for a few veerans that have questions but do not have internet access.. The particular question regarding CUE consumed by appeal was for knee condition. The example that you give is right on point. "YOu may be able to file an appeal on this, if the appeal decision does not address this issue. 38 CFR 3.103 says you are entitled to a written decision:". The cue claim was not mentioned in the DRO decision. Statement of the case ws sent to the veteran with a VA 9. Should he submit the un
  2. Anyone, I recently submitted a CUE claim for 2 finally closed claims. At the same time, I had an appeal for a claim that was submitted years later for the same condition. VA has informed me that the CUE claim was opened in error and was subsumed by the appeal process. However, there is no mention of the CUE claim in the statement of the case that I recently received. VA has informed me that I now have to file the CUE along with the Va form 9 appeal because the appeal process for that condition is still open. I always thought that a CUE was se
  3. Gaston, I will take the letter to the Military Base as you suggest. Thank you.. Add.
  4. Received commissary letter and 1172 application, my ID card information has not been sent to DEERS or local ID card section database. ID card section Rep informed me that VA has to input the ID card authorization into the system before they can process an ID card application for me. Can someone give me some idea as to what might be the problem or delay in VA inputting the ID card authorizaztion into the system. Does the pay authorization have to be finalized before the ID card is authorized? Just a thought. Thanks
  5. Pwrslm, Yes, I received an increase and the appeal closed out of pending disabilities and disabilities rated adjused up, but ebenefits still shows the number of open appeals to be 2, when in fact they were awarded. I am thinking that maybe the award has not gone through all of the approving officials, and until that process is complete the 2 appeals will not be removed. Also, another strange thing is that despite me seeing the increase, there is nothing in ebenefits that states a notice of the decision has been sent. That area in the "UPDATE" column is blank.. Add
  6. Hello, Can someone expalin why Ebenefits is still showing 3 open appeals when those appeals have been completed and no longer showing in the "Pending Disabilities" section? The rating in Ebenefits has changed, but no pay information has been noted in bank account or Ebenefits pay history. Any ideas! Thanks.. Add
  7. Bertha No, I no longer have a VSO. The Veteran Service Organisation that I had only held up my claim for years. The told me, after I had already waited two and a half years for an DRO decision, that it would be another one to two year wait. Only after I dropped them and started communicated directly with the VA did my claim began to move and was subsequently awarded by the Board. Unfortunately, while VSOs may be helpful to some veterans, my experience was a bad one. As for the alleged decision, there are related documents in the claims folder to show that the claim was stil
  8. Bertha, The cue is for a reported decision that could not have been made. I found out about the alleged decision after requesting a rating evaluation for an old pending claim. The date the the VA stated that a decision was made, was on 13 days into the 60 days allowed to submit evidence. In addition, I continuously received ongoing claim development correspondence from the AOJ for at least 3 years after the alleged decision date. I found out about the alleged claim after requesting that It be rated for a decision a few years after being promised that a decision would be for
  9. Bertha Thank you for your input. Was your cue claim consolidated with an appeal, as I think mine was. This particular CUE closed about a month ago and there is no information noted any where that a decision notice was sent. I have a pending appeals open for the same condition at the Regional Office. That is why I am thinking that the VA consolidated this claim with the appeals. It would have been nice for them to send me some sort of correspondence explaining what happened. I sent an iris a couple of weeks ago in the ask a question section in EBENEFITS and have
  10. Hello, Is it standard procedure for an opened CUE claim (final 2 year old claim) to be closed and consolidated with a current appeal claim for the same condition? It is my understanding that a decision should be issued by the VARO and a NOD filed by me before the claim can be placed in appeal status. Any feedback from anyone will be greatly appreciated.. Thanks.. Add
  11. Hello All Can someone tell me what form or method I am required to used to submit a CUE claim to the VA? There is a lot on this site about why, when and what to submit, but not what form or format to submit the CUE.. Thank you.. Add
  12. All Please provide your thoughts and/or recommendations on the following situation.. The veteran had his private care physician examine him and complete a thoracolumbar DBQ for his claim for a lumbar condition. 15A. DOES THE VETERAN HAVE IVDS OF THE THORACOLUMBAR SPINE? Treating PCP answered YES 15B. 15B IF YES TO QUESTION 15A ABOVE, HAS THE VETERAN HAD ANY INCAPACITATING EPISODES(a period of acute signs and symptoms due to IVDS that requires bed rest prescribed by a physician and treatment by a physician) OVER THE PAST 12 MONTHS? Treating PCP answered YES 15C
  13. All Can some explain why or give there thought on why Benefits Explorer shows my DOD Disability Rating at 60% and my Va Disability Rating at 0%? Thanks Add
  14. Gastone Yes, I filed the NOD within the 1 year limit. As for the request for increase, it addresses Intervertebral Disc Syndrome due to incapacitating episodes. I am currently rated 40% for 5 diagnosed back conditions, to include IVDS, based on range of motion. I am requesting an increase based on more than six weeks of incapacitating episodes during the past twelve months and more. The doctors 12 months of prescriptions for these episodes were included as evidence. Since 2006, I have been receiving incapacitating episodes prescriptions by my doctor because of the
  15. All A Notice of Disagreement was submitted for sciatica left and right extremities and about the same time a request for increase claim was submitted for low back condition. The notice of disagreement (appeal) for left and right conditions have been showing as a new claim in the pending disability section of ebenefits. However, while they are indicated as NEW pending disability claims, they do not show up in the open claims section, Is it is normal for NODs to show up as NEW claims in the pending disability section on ebenefits!!!! The request for increase w
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