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  1. Hello All, In 2015, I was awarded a 40 percent rating with an effective date of April 2010. At the time of the April 2010 effective date, my dependent child was above the age to be claimed for compensation. After a long battle for an earlier effective date, the Department of Veterans Affairs granted me an affective date back to February 1999. February 1999, my dependent child met the age requirement to be added for compensation purposes. Within 30 days of receiving the earlier effective date (1999) award, I submitted a request to be compensated for the past period that my dependent child was eligible. Within one month, the claim went to notification and then returned to under review. It has since been closed as of July 22, 2021 . On Ebenefits, in the DEPENDENTS Section, it now shows a tab that says "show dependents not on Award". When I click on it, the following message appears; "You are not currently receiving additional benefits for the dependents shown below". My dependent child that I submitted the claim for name and birthdate are shown below that message. Can someone tell me what this VA communication could possibly mean concerning the outcome of my dependent claim. The decision letter is on the way, per va.gov claim status. Thank you in advance. Add
  2. Hello All, My initial 30% disability rating was awarded after my child`s 23rd Birthday. I was recently awarded an earlier effective date for the 30% disability rating that spans back to the date when my child was eligible to be claimed as a dependent for compensation purposes. Question 1. Can I claim retroactive dependent benefits for the earlier effective dates that my child was eligible (under age 23). Question 2. How do I apply for retroactive dependent benefits. Thanks, Add
  3. Hello all, 1. If BVA awards a claim effective date back to the original date of claim based on 3.156 (c) (newly associated service treatment records), would the original claim be considered a pending claim until the BVA´s new decision, since it did go all the way back to the original claim? 2. If a secondary condition was initially awarded the same effective date as the primary condition (before the appeal award for an earlier effective date based on 3.156 (c)), will the recent BVA EED award also allow for an earlier effective date for the secondary condition? Summary: 1. initial claim for shoulder condition denied, I did not appeal and it became final. 2. Submitted claim to reopen and granted service connection shoulder condition and rotator cuff as secondary based on VA C&P examination (I never submitted a claim for the secondary condition). VA assigned the date to reopen as the effective dates for both the primary and secondary conditions. I am still waiting for the BVA and the RO decision letters, and would like to gather as much information as possible to determine if I should submit an appeal for an earlier effective date for the secondary condition. Thank you.. Add
  4. GNArmy And Broncovet, Thank you both for your replies and inforamtion. Add
  5. GBArmy, Can this also mean that if the initial decision that awarded 30 percent with an effective date of May 2015 and VA later awards an appeal for an earlier effective date of May 2012 that the Veteran will be given back pay for the 30 percent evaluation from May 2012 thru April 2015? Add
  6. Hello All, Can someone explain what the following statement means? "For the purpose of authorizing benefits, the rating or other adjudicative decision which constitutes a reversal or revision of a prior decision on the grounds of clear and unmistakable error has the same effect as if the corrected decision had been made on the date of the reversed decision." Thanks, Add
  7. Does the BVA Staff sometime contact the Regional office to discuss a forthcoming decision or to get the RO input before making a final Board decision? Add
  8. Buck52, My appeal is at the Board of Veterans Appeal (BVA). I do not have a supplemental claim that needs to be reviewed by a senior DRO. It appears by the Grant noted on the ISSUES tab, that the BVA Judge has made a decision 2 months ago. Your idea that they may be trying to figure out the secondary condition of the earlier effective date may be the delay. Or as you also indicated, there may be a large amount of retro involved as well. I thought at least after two months of being granted, a BVA decision letter would have been sent out. I understand that it will be held up at the RO. Thanks for the response and information. Add
  9. Hello, va.gov has shown my "ISSUES" as closed and Granted for just over 2 months. However, the "status" a Judge is reviewing your claim has not changed. Can someone give me an idea why "the judge is reviewing your claim" is taking so long to update? Is there a reason why it is taking so long to change? Thank you.. Add
  10. Broncovet, The first medical diagnosis date of the secondary condition reported to VA is 2010. The first diagnosis note for the primary condition is 1987. Would an award granted based on 3.156 (c) make a difference. Add
  11. Bronco, I applied for the secondary condition same time and was awarded both, the primary shoulder condition and secondary condition at the same time. They both were awarded the same time with the exact effective date. Add
  12. Broncovet, The secondary condition was revealed during the C&P examination for the shoulder condition. The C&P showed the secondary condition and the primary condition more than 2 years prior to me filing the claim. They both were long term condition. Add
  13. Me again, Is the Granted status on the va.gov ISSUES TAB inserted prior to the Judge approving/signing the appeal? The reason I am asking is because, I was informed that my appeal decision was being written up for the Judges review and signature. va.gov STATUS show "your appeal is being reviewed by a Veterans Law Judge" and the ISSUES TAB shows "Granted". I understand that maybe noone actually knows, but, can anyone give me a clue as to what may be happening during this phase of the process. Thank you.. Add
  14. Hello All, If a secondary condition was awarded on the same original effective date of the primary condition, would the secondary condition also receive an earlier effective date, if one is award for the primary condition. Example: Initially awarded shoulder rating as the primary condition and rotator cuff as the secondary condition with the same effective date (2012). And in 2021 BVA granted a revision of the 2012 rating decision for an earlier effective date. Will the secondary condition also receive the earlier effective date? Thank you.. Add
  15. Hello Hamslice. you will have to have a va.gov account in order to access the "Issues" tab. Sign on to va.gov. next click on check(view) claims and appeals. after the screen opens and you have a pending appeall, you will see a "STATUS" and next to it will be the "ISSUES" tab. Hope this helps. Add
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