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  1. I'll start this off with I signed up for e-benefits and finally figured out that I had to go to "Websites Accepting DS LogON" after several days and select eBenefits to see anything.. Does e-benefits only display claims and appeals filed through ebenefits? Would a "mailed in" NOD eventually show up on the site? Just a little curious about the e-benefits site as opposed to the old snail mail. Thanks
  2. I see what your talking about, Nehmer being a class action suit. I've also searched around and see I'll probably need to find additional info and proof of Blue water versus Brown water now that the VA changed things again.
  3. Gastone How has SMC S Comp related requirements changed since 04? That’s a good question. I haven’t found the old CFR’s online. If the Comp IU 100 couldn't be used for SMC consideration back then, he's kinda screwed for any Retro, Me thinks. I look at it as Comp IU 100 WASN’T and SHOULD HAVE been used and the court told the VA they should have been. However, I trust he's since filed for SMC S (2) based on his Dr completing the VA Housebound Medical Certification, maybe I missed his discussion. If he hasn't, he's "Burning Daylight!" Sent Priority Mail with return receipt request. Sasquatch: Your ship ever visit DaNang Harbor? If it did I don’t know about it. I guess I was so green, I was oblivious to everything looking back now. I'm not sure I trust the things I do remember, unless I find some piece of paper that reminds me. Semper Fi Devil Dog BLT 1/9 72-73
  4. Berta "Cleveland (LPD-7) While anchored offshore, sent "mike boats" up Cua Viet River and Hue River from November 1967 through 1968 and up Saigon River during September 1969Sent Naval Academy Midshipmen on training mission ashore at Da Nang on 9-10 July, 1970" - See more at: http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/shiplist/list.asp#J My time on the Cleveland was after all the above. Do you have copies of your NAV201 file and your inservice SMRs? I do have copies but they are packed away in numerous different boxes. (my bad) Is the same DAV office available to you who is listed on the older decision? I believe the same office is still open in San Diego but I moved to Mississippi because of all the congestion. Did you directly help any troops get onto the Mike boats? I was a so called “guard” on the Mike boat and did not leave it. You could say I was just along for the ride. Do you remember any names of anyone you served with when you were aboard ship? I can only remember 1 name from back then. That’s 1st Sgt Atwood because he was the oldest and I was the youngest on the Marine Corps Birthday in 72, so we received the first pieces of birthday cake while on the Juneau.
  5. Broncovet Thank you for pointing out that they used the term agoraphobia. VA admitted you had agoraphobia in the decision you posted under #1 PTSD. (Page 2), in the first paragraph, precisely, using the term agoraphobia. I seldom left the house after I was removed from work in California, I now live in the middle of over 100 acres.
  6. Berta I have not heard of the Nehmer case, so I’ll have to read it soon. Can you tell me the names or types of any smaller vessels you might have been on to pull those troops out ? I don’t remember any names on the boats. We just called them mike boats. Your ship must have been fairly close to shore to be returning cover fire...was this near Monkey Mountain area , or near Quang Tri province? I wasn’t a month yet past my 18th birthday and have no idea where we were and at that time did not care. The actual cover fire was when I was on the Juneau’s port side 3” 50 and to me it didn’t seem very close. Are those dates of your service in the decision correct? I was in 71 – 78 and 80 – 84 I was on the Juneau Oct and Nov 72, then I got moved over to the Cleveland Dec & Jan 73.
  7. Thank you for the replies. Berta, even though it may have been some time I’d like to say I’m sorry for the loss of your husband and especially for the reason you lost him. Thirty years ago I was sent to the Phoenix VA for x-rays of my back. After 6 hours of laying on an autopsy gurney outside radiology, I got up and left. I was sent back to Phoenix to see a shrink. He walked in and it was a gook, I was escorted out of the hospital by security and never returned. The VA has gotten a little better but back then, we both know it was deplorable. I’ll try to answer the questions Berta Did you serve incountry, Vietnam? I don't call myself an incountry vet. I went over on the Juneau and we provided cover fire if needed as we were pulling troops out, To me the real incountry vets are the ones in the bush but that's just my opinion. If so, do you have ischemic heart disease? Not sure if it’s ischemic but I do have heart disease, I've had 2 heart attacks so far and had to have a stent put in the left anterior descending artery that was 85% blocked. Were you ever turned down by VA Voc Rehab solely for your prime TDIU disability prior to this older decision? I’ve never asked for VA Voc Rehab Do you receive SSDI solely for PTSD? If so when was that determination made by the SSA? I do receive SSDI which started about the same time the TDIU started but not sure if solely for the PTSD, I might be able to find out. Were you ever hospitalized privately for PTSD? Prior to the Bradley 2008 decision? I was never hospitalized but I have been treated privately for decades by different doctors. Have you re opened your claim recently to request SMC based on the agoraphobia? Like I told Bronco, in 13 years I have never noticed that word in the decision. Do you have a copy of your C file and your VA medical records? Yes to all the above but I’ll need to go through them again since I missed the mention of agoraphobia Bronco It may not have been error back in 2004 but if the written statute hasn’t changed regarding SMC (I haven’t found the 2003-4 version) and with the Bradley decision now telling VA how to now APPLY that law it would seem a reconsideration might be a choice for setting up an appeal. Agoraphobia often means SMC S housebound In 13 years I have never noticed that word in the decision.
  8. Thank you for the response Berta. I've read many of your responses on other threads. I wasn't to sure I could figure out the scanning & attaching or if the scanner still worked. anyway The RO never mentioned SMC anywhere in the 4 page TDIU Decision letter.
  9. First, let me say thank you for a great and knowledge on this site is overwhelming. I found this site recently and have been bouncing around here. That's when I found SMC-S. I'm rated 100% TDIU for PTSD effective Dec 2003 as stated in my decision letter. I was also rated 60% for my back at the same time but SMC was never considered. This leads me to ask 2 questions from the members here: 1. How did you apply for your retro SMC? 2. Has anyone received a retro payment based on a decision prior to 2008? Thanks for the help & info.

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