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  1. Tommyb44

    Follow up call?

    No i am still working, though struggling badly. The questions were regarding my work history. ..problems with bosses etc. No finance questions
  2. I was recently approved at 70% for ptsd, and have received back pay plus the 1st monthly check. I was just called out of the blue, though, by the same doctor who i had met with before. He said he needed to ask a couple of questions about my work history so he could complete the claim. I answered but i thought that was strange. Why would I have been approved when they still had questions for me? Should I be concerned?
  3. So a total of 3 retro checks? Not sure what cdrp is...and mahalo!
  4. The last part helped, but telling a guy with ptsd, who is losing his job, that he may wait years for his money isn't wonderful. You were just being honest though, so thanks. Anyone more recent? I'm hoping the system has improved
  5. I just checked ebenefits, and it said under payments that they had mailed me a check for my retro on my just approved claims. Unfortunately, it was processed before I had put in my banking info...not a big deal. My big issue, though, is that they also processed it before i put in my dependent info as well. I know, I know, I'm new to this . Since that happened though, will they send an additional retro amount, or will they just lump it in with my monthly amount? Thanks everyone in advance
  6. Wow that is screwy. Thanks for the explanation though.
  7. I just received my award packet today, and it showed that I received 70% for ptsd, and 10% for tinnitus. However, the total award only indicates the 70%. What gives? Is this a clerical error? Both state percentage assigned...not denied. Thoughts?

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