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  1. Thats definitely a lengthy response so let me go through it in stages. All of the above was filed in paper at the VA rep office on Camp lejeune over the course of 2 months. I went to a professional in each specific field. The TMJ(Lock jaw) and grinding of teeth are related to a jaw break which is recorded. grinding more due to night terrors. Off that note, the PTSD is related to specific events which were recorded and shown to connect to what the psychiatrist diagnosed. The range of motion and pain are severe for back and knees, loss of half my toe is the reason for the toe claim. Range of motion to rotate my neck left is more than 60% loss when I have my final physical at the VA. I am completely deaf in my left ear due to a variety of explosions and 40-60% in my right is what was stated when I took the 5 hearing exam out in town. I should have claimed tinnitus, however, I didn't have much help in the process so some of these claims may be airy, such as the rabies and kidney stones, while others i completely missed, like the tinnitus. 03 and car, nothing else however when refering to the ptsd and hearing loss. After reviewing the terms and researching them for PTSD, my claim is moderate to severe. Loss of sleep and daily actions have become a struggle to my everyday since 2010. As for a rating, it's hard for me to put a percentage without feeling odd. Hard to gauge. As for VMC MH, no I havent but i just bookmarked and will do. I have been following my claims as best as I can through eBenefits. Again, I appreciate all this help for clarifying everything. I know the laundry list is kind of ridiculous. Any other things I can clear up to help you help me I am of course willing to share.
  2. Not the first no but I am no so blind to know I'm lost in the process and I let it get out of hand a little. I was in the Marine Corp for 6 years from Nov2009 to Nov2015. I started claims with the VA in Lejeune, NC, in October time-frame. I honestly couldn't tell you the specifics of the claim type. I'm just now learning a lot of the terms regarding claims with the VA. I also wouldn't know how to check if there is even a way to do so this far into the process. I appreciate the speedy response. As for claims process maybe if I tell you what I've done it'll help. I went in and sat down with a VA rep in the VA office on Camp Lejeune. We went over which things I was officially claiming which I could provide if that'd help. As shown the date they were officially submitted is in December. I assume that lengthens the process but I more am looking for understanding the process not how quickly I will see results.(That would just be a plus) After stating the claims and seeing all the appropriate doctors and claims officers for evidence and documentation, I was told it was now just a waiting game. I didn't upload, or do anything online after this stage in the process. If there is something that I have to upload please enlighten me on that area. On eBenefits I do NOT have a VA Representative, however it says I can apply for one. I didn't know if this is something I should have already done, if I even need to, or what other steps to take. I'm surprised it took me so long to find this forum to be honest. Even just your post above is more information than I'd been finding on my own. I'm under the assumption from this process that it was a fully developed claim process and not a Reg Axx Claim, but again I don't know the major differences. Thanks again for the help. Semper Fi Edit: I'm 25 and computer literate, so I suppose young buck works. also I've attached a screenshot of my claim list of eBenefits, just the list but if there is more information just let me know where to look and i'll provide if it makes things more clear.
  3. Hey everyone, So I have been waiting for about 4 months now in the process of disability claims. Which I hear is a very common amount of time to still not have a decision made. I was however wondering if there are specific things I should make sure I have done to prevent any hiccups along this process so that nothing makes this stand idle. I was also curious about the "Retro" term when referring to disability claims and what it would mean to apply for these or if I have to and how. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply if you do.
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