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  1. Hello, I'm a new member but have been a frequent visitor to all of the great info on here. I have been curious mainly due to haring a dozen different answers to this question. My question is this, If a veteran who is 80% scheduler with 100% IU P&T is awarded 100% scheduler would the IU then fall away? Would the veteran just be 100%? I have a friend who is in this situation currently and he is bored out of his mind and wanted to at least try to work or go to school. He understands that there is already a system to do so should he choose to but has heard a lot of horror stories of the VA reducing his benefit just for attempting to do so (a bait and switch if you will) Question 2) He would like to at a minimum like to finish school in essence to be a role model for his kids. If he is 100% IU would he still be eligible to use Voc Rehab even with no intent to return to full time employment? Thank you in advance for your time and answers. Semper Fi
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