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  1. Alright everyone. Well, my claim was denied. They said there was not sufficient evidence to send to the JSRRC to verify the stressors. I went ahead and just hired an attorney to take care of it (seems less stressful ha). Thanks to those of you who followed and gave me some insight. Maybe in a few years when I get another response, I'll post what happened. Thanks again!
  2. And another update...went from Prep for Decision to Prep for Notification today. Completion date of 09/11 to 09/13. Also, my claim for dependents changed today from review to prep for notification (this was just opened on August 30, last weekish). I'm expecting to get denied just because of how they both changed. Any thoughts?
  3. I don't...it was done by VES, so I was gonna request via FOIA request then I read others say that request slowed down their claim process.
  4. So theres a new change. It was at Preparation for Decision, went to Gathering of Evidence, and today went to Pending Decision Approval with a new complete date of September 12-17, 2017. The last I heard was they were waiting on information from JSRRC, but that was received on September 5, 2017. Any thoughts?
  5. So opened my claim in March of this year and I actually submitted in May. I had my C & P for PTSD on August 8. Before August 8, my completion date was between September 15 to December 11, 2017. After my C & P, my date changed from September 17, to December 12, 2017. This morning, my status was gathering evidence with the same September 17, to December 12, 2017, completion date. At around noon today, my status changed from Gathering Evidence to Preparation for Decision. Since I'm impulsive, I checked again at 3pm today (still August 29, 2017), and my status changed back to Gathering Evidence with a new completion date of December 2, 2017, to February 24, 2018. Also, on my open claims page there is an error that says "Requested Documents are Past Due." They have never requested anything from me, only my private psychologist (which they told me today they had received a 17 page report from already). Is it bad it went back and forth in one day? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  6. It's for a new claim. I have not gone to a VA psychologist but my psychologist told me the VA refers patients to him all of the time (not sure what that means). I called the VA to ask why my records had not been requested and the lady told me that it could be a good thing. I called VES and they said this is not for a diagnosis at all, but only for a DBQ- again, no clue what that means. My doctor diagnosed me as "Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder".
  7. Hello everyone- I got a call from VES, a VA contractor, and they set me up for a C&P exam August 1. The gentleman told me it is not for a diagnosis or anything, it's simply to go over a DBQ (which I know a little bit about, but I don't think enough. The VA said they still have not requested my private records. Does this look like it's going south? Are they not interested in my records because they plan on shooting the claim down? I read somewhere that they would not have scheduled a C&P if they would not have verified stressors, but I also read that in order to get a rating, there has to be a diagnosis of PTSD. Not sure what else to do with my private doctor- I don't want to pressure him and he ends up dropping me. Any thoughts?
  8. So today my claim for PTSD had a small update. It's still in the "gathering of Evidence" stage, but the "Needed from Others" changed to reflect "Va Medical Facility". What does this mean? They haven't even requested my private treatment records from the psychologist I meet regularly with. My Dr. was hesitant to give me the records and told me it's customary for the VA to request on their own. I submitted the form allowing my Dr. to release my records, but I haven't seen any activity that would suggest the VA has done so. What am I waiting on now? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. Just a quick update. I did as you all recommended and called the VA 800 number. They told me there is no Form 9 on file and eBenefits is just reporting it wrong. I still have time to get more documentation then. Thanks All!
  10. I went to a hearing with a DRO back in June and I got my decision about three weeks ago (they denied me again). Nothing ever changed in eBenefits until yesterday. Yesterday the status changed to "Appeal Pending - Statement of the Case (SOC)" and a new description of "VA has received your Form 9 and will begin completing final actions regarding your appeal before it is sent to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals." I had no idea what a form 9 was until i Googled it. I never sent in such form; I actually put the SOC aside and planned on taking it to my doctor so he could review their decision (private doctor, it's his medical opinion they did not agree with). Would the Texas Veterans Commission have sent in the Form 9 on their own or is it pretty standard for an appeal to be automatically sent to the BVA after a hearing with the DRO. I'm a bit confused as to what I am supposed to do next. Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks again Buck! Another question I have is: Do you recommend I begin uploading all of the documentation I have to verify the stressor? I have awards from the field training exercise and a whole lot of new articles about the other event along with deployment orders, awards, letters from commanders. Should I upload that stuff into Ebenefits as supporting documentation? I have only opened an intent to file so far. I just want to have all my ducks in a row before I submit.
  12. Thanks Buck- Is this something I go to the VA and ask for. I'm very comfortable seeing my therapist right now and not a real huge fan of changing therapists; now the most comfortable thing to discuss. How do I go about getting a diagnosis from the VA Dr?
  13. I have filed an Intent to File with the VA for non-combat PTSD. I w as recently denied MDD and Anxiety, but I never submitted for PTSD because I was waiting on more documentation. The claims stem from nightmares, difficulty sleeping and irritability. My private therapist diagnosed me with Chronic PTSD related to military service. The stressors I wrote about include a training accident where a tailgate crushed another soldier, right next to me's kevlar and put the soldier out. There was a medievac and all. We were later told the soldier survived but was med boarded. The second was an issue during a CONUS deployment. I have news paper articles, plenty of them, about this incident and orders proving I was on that deployment. I also have awards from the first accident involving the tailgate. Is there anything else I need to submit? Do private doctors usually fill out DBQs? What else can I do, or should I do. Anything will help. Thank you.
  14. vlobo

    No C & P

    Well, it was denied. Still waiting on SOC. Will update when I get it. Thanks!
  15. Today my claim for MDD and Anxiety went from Preparating for Decision to Pending Decision approval. I filed back in November 2016 and I got a request from the VA to fill out a statement in support of claim to clarify whether or not I had claimed PTSD. I was told my rep to send the Statement back to the VA telling them I hadn't filed for PTSD. I plan on filing when I have the appropriate documentation but I have not yet. Today, my status on EBEN changed from Preparing for Decision to PDA. I still haven't had a C & P for this. There is nothing in my STR's that discusses MDD or Anxiety. All I uploaded was the documentation from my private therapist with my diagnoses. That documentation mentions stressors from military service. Is it safe to expect a big fat denied for my claims? I don't understand how they sent it for decision approval without C & P. Any advice for me getting denied and an appeal? Thanks in advance.
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