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  1. WOW....thats great news .....so if i filed an NOD back in SEPT 2017 for a DRO hearing i would be able to opt in to RAMP ? Did i understand that correctly ?
  2. thanks man, nod was filed sept 17, no new evidence with the exception of 2 buddy letters from 2 guys i happened to look up after 33 years, the v a still cant find my active duty personnel records yet, national archives cant seem to locate them either, i think alot of marker evidence is in those records... i just hired a lawyer about a week ago, vso wasnt much of a help to me....i kinda figured it might be in the 2 + year range
  3. hello all.....does anyone know of a ballpark timeline for dro hearings at the atlanta r o ?
  4. thanks john.....i fear mine r lost also, those records contain a big part of my claim that i was denied, and i have a bad feeling my appeal will be denied because of that same reason also......i ordered my cfile and the records were not in there
  5. Hello......does anyone know a different route to try to get active duty service records other than the national archives?.im having a terrible time getting the national archives and the v a to locate my active duty service records, basically meaning they cant...i served active duty air force from oct 81 -feb 85 ,and ga air national guard from mar85-mar88. i have received all my records from the national guard but none from active duty, and i have made at least 4 attempts to retrieve them from the national archives. every package sent to me contains my entrance physical, exit physical dd-214 and records from the ga national guard. its like there is a 3 year and 4 month gap in my military service...... the DAV has been no help at all either. please help........
  6. hello all......thank you all for your service to this country and also thank you for the help and advice that you all give to veterans with less knowledge. i have a question about appeals . a large part of my claim. which was recently denied depended heavily on marker evidence, i e evaluations, letters of counselling, reprimand ect and i believe a large part of that evidence i believe is in my active duty personnel records. i assumed that v a had these records but when i requested my c-file those records nor my active duty medical records were included. i made several .attempts to the nprc for those records but they havent been able to locate them. so i guess i have a two part question, with the first being, does anyone know any other way that i may be able to retrieve those records? is it common for v a to decide cases without such important evidence as active duty records? duty to assist? thank you for any help
  7. I have a sleep apnea claim ,but I haven't been scheduled for a c&p exam.....is that usually a bad sign ? in prep for decision
  8. man it sure hurts me a fellow vet that u had to deal with all that, i sure hope things get better for u
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