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  1. Hello all, I was re evaluated for PTSD this month and was raised to 100% for Combat related PTSD from 70% also made P&T, I have the Following conditions : Tinnitus 10%,Lumbar 10%,Radicuapathy-secondary 10%,Pes Cavus 30%,IBS 30%,Sleep apnea secondary to PTSD 50%, Should I be eligible for SMC-S Housebound ? I was wondering if I should follow a NOD or submit a new Claim? Thank you for any guidance
  2. Hello, I have a rating decision for PTSD 70%,IBS 30% and Tinnitus 10% the rating decision was 6/23/2015 and the va decision has effective date of 10/29/2013(FDC),I was moved from TDRL to PDRL at 70% due to Combat related PTSD. My question is when the VA revaluates me,which shows scheduled for June/2020 as per VA letter ,will the rating be considered stable from the effective date or from the decision date? Does the DBQ the DOD did to move me to PDRL stating my PTSD is stable and not likely to improve have any weight on the VA reevaluation? I currently see VA Psychiatrist monthly and
  3. Hi i had the sleep md and my primary care md fill out DbQ service connecting the 2 but i believe the Independent medical opinion i had done really made the difference in getting the sleep apnea service connected it cost 1100 also i printed out the recent studies linking sleep apnea to ptsd in veterans good luck
  4. Thank you to hadit, just found out the va rated me for 50% sleep apnea secondary to ptsd. i believe the dbq from my sleep md with 3 recent medical journal articles and the imo from dr put me over the edge. I never had a sleep study on active duty but my platoon sgt wrote a letter about my snoring in the sandbox thank you to all, never give up semper fi
  5. Thanks for all the comments, the sleep md wrote it was at least as likely service connected and referenced 2 articles about S/A and PTSD and my primary MD wrote more likely then not s/c, he included his resume/creds and number of years treating me both noted the CPAP was medically necessary and referenced my military and medical records. The IMO MD opinion said it was more likely then not was secondary to already s/c PTSD. My former platoon sgt from marines wrote a buddy letter about my snoring and day time sleepiness while deployed. The C&P md wrote more likely then not s/c on her exam
  6. hello,i had the C&p exam last week,with a contracted MD,she read both of my dbq's from primary and sleep md as well as my IMO,she quoted extensively on her computer and said i provided great evidence..fingers crossed
  7. Thanks,I was just notified of a C&P exam contracted out to a QTC MD scheduled for mid july,I wil let you know how it goes
  8. Thank you,hopefully it works out.appreciate your time!
  9. Good morning, I filed a Fully Developed Claim on May 16th for Sleep Apnea secondary to PTSD.I included a DBQ from my Civilian Primary Care MD, a Sleep Study,a letter from my MD that the CPAP was medical necessary and an Independent Medical Opinion, claimed just moved to Prep to Decision . . I hope I did everything correct? Any thoughts on if I missed anything.I will let everyone know how it goes
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