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  1. Hi everyone, This forum has been very helpful for me. I recently called Peggy and she said there was an IE scheduled for me March 28th. She didn't know what an IE is and neither do I. Can anyone tell me what it is? Maybe she meant IME? My attorney doesn't know what it is either. I am living in my car and don't get any mail so i have no idea where it is being held at. After 2 1/2 years of waiting for movement on my appeal I get this so I hope this is nearing the end.
  2. LOL Yeah my disability is for PTSD. I'm requesting ratings increase and TDIU. I was a 12B in the Army and a truck driver after. They lowballed me terribly the first time even with clear doctors notes stating symptoms for 50% easy. I requested a review at the local level and it was denied within 3 months saying I should be glad I got 30% because they were giving me the benefit of the doubt. Now, I have an attorney and got an excellent IMO from the Lawyer's paid doctor, hospital visits, and more evidence supporting my appeal. I'm feeling pretty good that I will get a ratings increase at the least.
  3. Fighting with the VA has been more emotionally hard and trying than any of my 3 combat tours to OEF or OIF. IT's absolutely ridiculous how hard we have to fight to get the much deserved and earned benefits. My SSDI case has been going faster and smoother than the VA and those benefits aren't earned or deserved.
  4. Thank you everyone. I am getting help from programs. It's a 2 year wait to get HUD housing, until then I live in a subsidized hostel.
  5. I have been homeless living in a Hostel without any support form anyone else and only having my disability income from VA, I also have thousands in unpaid medical bills and rent in collections because of my disability. My attorney has submitted a hardship expedite for my appeal to the Seattle VARO. Does it look like I even qualify? I thought you had to be almost dead to even get expedited? Thanks for the input. I don't want to get my hopes up that this could help.
  6. The good news could be now you can appeal it with DRO and could get an answer pretty quick.
  7. You need to go with an Independent medical exam. Those VA run C&P are no good. I didn't get mine approved until my attorney found a private doctor that used to work for VA and knew how to write up one heck of a report.
  8. Just bureaucracy, feels like you're in the twilight zone though.
  9. my attorney has been doing very well for me. He got me an IME that even I was impressed.
  10. Nice snow pic. Be sure you check your bank account too. They might pay you before you even get a BBE.
  11. You need to llow them 7-10 working days. Give it until the 9th to come in the mail. Mine was mailed out Dec. 18th 2017 and I am still waiting with no update on Ebenefits or Peggy.
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