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  1. Gaston, thank you for your response. My non-VA (choice) Cardiologist hasn't commented on it he said genetics and bad luck, I have not seen a VA cardiologist but there is a lot of literature on the net about heart issues related to Sleep Apnea. I'm not a fan of my current Cardiologist, he told me that I should see what my levels of inflammation are but wont put it in the notes to the VA can action it. I am expected to stay on Plavix for 1 year and statins and BP meds for life I had sleep assessment indicating mild CSA from while I was active duty 2005, I also have other sleep tests from 2007 and 2015 indicating mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea. I am on a CPAP. I have been using it for years but the treatment falls below the category of "effective Treatment" because I still rip it off most nights after 2-5 hours although it is improving now that I am able to track it. A killer for me is my allergies sometimes block up my nose and on those days I cant use it. I take Nuvigil (not from VA) for daytime sleepiness as well. I had an echo after the MI/stent placement and my heart looks good with no notable damage. I dont have high blood pressure (been between 135/75 +/- for last 15 years)or high cholesterol (been between 200-245 for last 15 years) Your SA caused your CAD or the other way around? Sorry, I'm new and all these terms are somewhat new to me.
  2. OK, I'm gathering my info to take to my doctor. Anyone seen a heart attack tied to Sleep Apnea before? Thanks again!
  3. Broncovet, Thank you for your response, I am starting to do more research as your points on the spouse benefit are significant to me regardless if I get much of a rating now. One concern I have is I don’t want to lose the rating I have, is there a risk to that? I had not been using the CPAP nightly until 2 years ago when I started putting it on every night but normally rip it off. 8 months ago VA replaced my CPAP (which was also the first time I went to them regarding my sleep apnea) and this one tracks how many hours I use it and I don’t reach the 20 days in a 30 day period with at least 4 hours use needed to be considered effective treatment but this is improving. None of my disability items have improved and in fact my back, my eyes and my allergies (moved to San Antonio and the ceder is death around here) are all worse...
  4. Hello all, I separated in 2007 and was awarded 80% for a number of things (listed below) after awards I have never made another claim. Since I got out I've used the VA for some care for my eyes and CPAP gear but not for everything as I have private insurance. Last month on Dec 21st I had a heart attack at 37 years old (turned 37 2 weeks before on Dec 11th) with 1 each 100% blockage requiring a stent. I was not on cholesterol or BP meds and I receive no disability for any cardio related issue. I had an electrocardiogram and my heart looks great with 100% function and my non VA cardiologist said I have to take plavix for a year and likely statins and BP meds for life but other than that no restrictions and no other damage. I read that OSA causes issues including heart attack but I have had high normal cholesterol since I was active duty (ldl 150ish, tri - 100+, hdl 40s, total 210+) and normal BP always. My questions are: 1 - Can I tie the MI event to OSA? And if so can it cause the MI even if my BP and Cholesterol are not really considered high? 2 - If I have 100% function and no damage is it worth the effort? disabilities Disability Rating left knee strain 0% left ankle strain status post talar break 10% right ankle strain 10% multi-level degenerative disc disease, thoracolumbar spine (claimed as lumbar and thoracic back conditions) 10% bilateral keratoconus 30% tinea versicolor 10% allergic rhinitis (also claimed as sinusitis), status post septo-rhinoplasty 10% tinnitus 10% central sleep apnea 50%
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