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  1. It's been a while since I've been on, I have had quite a bit of appointments through the VA in that time. I happened to be at an appointment and met a rater who gave me a ton of advice as well as a sample Nexus letter. It has been quite helpful keeping up with him. I received two letters from doctors. One from my civilian OBGYN, the other from a VA Endocrinologist. Both letters stated in their professional opinion, I was subjected to something while serving in the Middle East! Endo went as far as labeling "MEFLOQUINE" as being the culprit! I couldn't believe that when I read it. Hoping these letters help during a C&P. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate them.
  2. Thank you broncovet and Buck52. I have seen many dr's outside of the VA as well as page upon page of doctors notes from civilian medical. I do have one NP that is willing to write the letter, but its based solely on speculation. There really is no medical evidence that is published to back what either of us are trying to prove. Clearly speculation does not count since my tinnitus was denied since the dr wrote his belief of my tinnitus was "purely speculation" even tough my mos suggest a very high probability . I can assure you it is real! As for the intent to file and claim, I flied the intent last year and the claim was filed in September. The VA denied everything saying I had no medical records from my time of deployment that would suggest I had any medical issues. I submitted records as well as buddy statements from fellow soldiers but none were considered evidence. As I stated earlier, I do have a VA Endocrinologist that is interested in helping me prove my claim. I have one last set of test in June but she is looking at every avenue so the documentation points to the deployment. I do have a current diagnosis, all points to in-service deployment and I'm still working on a letter. I think I was hoping to find someone who shares the same (similar) medical issue since there really is no funds to do testing on female reproductive systems after being subjected to all that is involved in a combat deployment.
  3. Thank you very much Vync and broncovet! I feel like this is a wild goose case. I do have an Endocrinologist that is on my side. I have been tested for every possible autoimmune disorder, as well as multiple other tests. Not one has come back positive. I have one set of test scheduled for June that as far as I know would be all they can test me for. My Endo said at this point in time, she could not find any reason that I would go through ovarian failure at 35. She also said she would write the letter with "more likely than not" after the June test. (Even she believes it will also come back negative) I was subjected to the air gun of vaccinations in 95, didn't think much about it. The one thing that really stands out though when things really start getting out of control was the mefloquine. Not sure if it was the mef or stress of being deployed to a combat zone, the burn pits, dust storms or what, but something went haywire. Part of the problem is we were a hospital deployed to Afghanistan in 2002. There were no digital records and the CSH I deployed with did not take very good notes on "us". As for others coming in, there were medical records but being part of the hospital, you would get diagnosed in passing a doctor. I was hospitalized multiple times for sinus infections and blood work for female issues while were were there but nothing was ever put in my medical records. I have actual blood work receipts (in my possession) that are the original, patient copy and the carbon copy from between the two! I'm sure they didn't document any of it, we were on first name basis with all the doctors and nurses. Had I known then what I know now! Here's the thing with going through early menopause... It really ruins a persons body. Because I went through at 35, my body is leaching the calcium from my bones. I am now 43 and diagnosed with osteopenia and the skeleton of a 60 year old woman. I have already lost 26% of my bone density and I'm still young. That's not something you can regrow, its gone. There are other issues that go along with it that I don't think are necessary to go into detail, but lets just call them female issues! I'm trying to get information on GWI because I noticed one of the presumptive issues was menstrual issues. I do qualify as being a Gulf War Soldier because of where our deployment was. And although we did not have oil well fires, we burnt medical waste and human remains on our site. I have a difficult time remembering a lot about deployment, my memory is pretty bad since I returned. I'll continue to do research and see what I can come up with, thanks for the help! Keep me in mind it you hear anything.
  4. Hello all, I'm trying to find any female that was deployed to Afghanistan or Middle East during Operation Enduring Freedom 2002, that is now suffering from ovarian failure, early menopause or menstrual issues. I have been trying to file a claim for over a year due to the above issues with no luck. There is no medical documentation to prove my case. If there is anyone out there suffering from the same issues, or you know of anyone who could be, please get in touch with me. I have no family history of ovarian failure but managed to go through menopause by 35. Looking for help!
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