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  1. Thanks Tyr I did call and ask they said I can work.... I took their name down . I appreciate your replies.
  2. Thanks Buck52 I really don't know how they came up with the 100% I do have anxiety due to pain but I deal with it and press on. I don't get in trouble or fail to do my job. Yes nothing says I cannot work on my rating papers. This is all very confusing to me.
  3. Hi Berta I am currently in New Mexico for two weeks.... Training for work.... I do not have a scanner available.... Yes they did know I was working it is even listed in the DBQ. I took pictures with my phones I will try to attach those. It is not letting me attach my photo for some reason is there an email?
  4. Tyr Thanks for the information I really appreciate it. I finally received my package from the VA it said I am competent to handle my finances. It also rated me at 100% combined. I was at 60%. I put in for anxiety as a secondary condition it shows that they rated it at 100% , so I am confused because it states my combined rating is 100%. I really need to know how they got that, I do have some anxiety but I can take care of myself and I work full-time for the government, all my appraisals are good and I just received an award for performance. I really could understand a 10 to 30 percent increased rating but not this high. They also awarded me SMC and DEA chapter 35. My question is can I still work? Heck I need to still work because this award will not cover my living expenses or replace my income? What are some options, I think they overated me... In one part of the letter it says I don't care about my appearance ha I am the guy that irons everything but my underwear and socks and takes a minimum of two showers daily, my wife always says I am to clean. Anyways does anybody have a suggestions? I feel I made a huge mistake even putting in this claim now cause I really cannot afford not to work I am 53 with kids in college. Thanks
  5. Hi Berta I finally got a copy of my rating. They said I am considered competent. I am very concerned though I was rated 60% for my physical issues combined and 100% for anxiety / mental health. I believe they rated me to high they have me 100% permanent and total . They said my speech was a problem .... I have always been told I am very articulate also they said my personal appearance was lacking lol... I am the guy who irons everything except my socks and underwear before wearing., they say I cannot function at work.... I struggle sometimes but I get it done and always have great evaluations and just received a monetary award for my performance. I am confused because now with this rating I am not sure if I can still work.... The money from the VA will not cover my bills. I really do not know what to do.
  6. Pete 53 Did they make you have someone else handle your finances? Also are you still aloud to work? I ask because I may be in the same boat. Thanks
  7. Good morning and thanks for all the information. I am still waiting for the notifications by mail. I did some research and found out that the Dr. I saw suggested a 70% percent rating and stated that I was able to handle my own finances.....now I am thoroughly confused as to why I would see a letter of competency on ebenefits..... do they send you a letter stating you are competent? And I cannot for the life of me understand why they would rate me 100% for mental health when the Dr. Doing the interview recommends 70% .... I really am having a hard time with this I have anxiety due to pain from other injuries... Secondary condition , never been in trouble I work everyday, pay my bills on time,retired from my last job after 33 years and got a new job and have been working here for two years with great appraisals and now recommended for an award for performance . I really thought when I went for the appointment maybe the highest might be 30% but definitely not 100%.... At a loss for words, "really"!
  8. Hi I am new I see on my benefits page that my rating has increased to 100 % due to a secondary mental condition due to pain. I have not received the letters in the mail yet but notice a few more things added like letter of competency.... So I google it and now I am freaking out once I saw what it was... So I am preparing to fight this stupid idea that I cannot handle my finances... So I found this forum... And it looks great... I am seeking any advice how to fight this.... To include any great attorney that knows what to do ... Personally I believe they operated my case percentage wise... But now I find myself in this stressful situation... Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Hi trigirl13 I too find myself in your situation... Can you share who is helping you? I cannot afford to be labeled with this incompetence label... I plan to fight this but really need some help. Please can anyone help with a name of a lawyer that is experienced in helping fight or at least knows the ropes about these letters of of a vet being deemed incompetent to handle your finances. I work everyday and handle my own finances. I cannot believe this... I really need help do not know where to turn and I am freaking out. Thanks for any help!
  10. Hi trigirl13 I too find myself in your situation... Can you share who is helping you? I cannot afford to be labeled with this incompetence label... I plan to fight this but really need some help.
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