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  1. So, I spoke with my attorney who spoke with their contact at the VARO. As it turns out, they did grant the one condition, but the other is still pending approval. Is the DRO not the person that bottom-lines the appeal? If the one condition listed as granted is correct, then I know for a fact they bumped me up to 100% based on the schedular table. Does this also mean I become P&T? Will I receive backpay up to my initial claim date? My state also offers a property tax exemption, will that become retroactive, or just from the date I apply? Thanks.
  2. Broncovet, Thanks for the words of encouragement and for perhaps shedding some light on what may have happened to my file. My appeal is based out of the Philadelphia office, which apparently has a track record of being fantastic. I’ll gladly take any resources I can and reach out to whoever is necessary. Again, thank you.
  3. Hey Folks, Let me give you a quick run down on my timeline: 2/15/18 - Original entitlement date 4/27/18 - NOD submitted for appeal 7/9/18 - Additional C&P in response to NOD, addresses requested service connection and rating increase 7/31/18 - DRO Hearing. Assuming it was formal, as my attorney was with me and it was recorded. Informed I'd have the results within 30-60 days. 8/10/18 - Statement of Case issued -- Here's where things get strange. The SOC was issued, but never mailed out. I did some digging and found out that I was awarded service connection for one of the conditions I claimed, and I guess that's somehow still waiting on final approval? Regardless of that, they informed me that my SOC wouldn't be mailed out until that grant was finalized. 10/9/18 - Tomorrow, 10/10, is 60 calendar days from when I should have started the Form 9 response for my SOC. In otherwords, when I get it, no matter what, I can't appeal to the BVA without escalating this entire process, if that's what I decide to do. Anyone have some insight into how this may play out, and what on earth I'm waiting for? If the C&P results are any tell, I should be 100% schedular now, which I imagine makes me 100% P&T. Could that be the reason why all of this is taking so long? Are they literally waiting for someone in finance to push a button? Are they waiting for someone in the letter drafting department to type out my SOC/grant letter? Does the DRO just have this in his outbox on his desk while he's on vacation? Sincerely, Impatient Broken Squid
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