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  1. Our attorney filed an HLR based off SSOC for a remand on November 13th. The same day it showed in the system as "Your Higher-Level Review was closed. Please contact your VA or your Veterans Service Organization or representative for more information." with nothing listed under the Issues tab. It has been that way since with no change on e-benefits and no letter (although it has only been 7 days). Is it normal for it to show "closed" until they make a move on it, I know HLRs function a little differently. Trying to patiently wait as I know we probably have a much longer time ahead of us. Good luck to all of you and I hope things go well!
  2. Hello, A quick update. We received the SSOC l on October 23rd which confirmed * Migraines (already service connected) increased from 0% to 50% with an effective date of 10/15/2020 (date of c&P) * TDIU granted P&T with an effective date of 10/15/2020 (date of c&P) *Service connection for IBS denied *Service connection for Sleep Apnea denied *Increased rating for Thoracolumbar Spine Strain denied Our lawyers submitted Form 20-0996 Decision Review Request-Higher-Level Review opting into the Appeals Modernization System. Currently e-benefits is showing no change and shows the HLR closed November 12th which is the same day they received it. It just states "Your higher level review has been closed. Contact the VA or your Veterans Service Organization or representative for more information". Under the Issues tab, it is blank. I have perused the site and all I can find is that maybe it moved into the Supplemental Claim lane but we did not submit any new evidence. Has anyone seen this or know what this may mean? Thank you for all your help. I do not post often but do read many of the posts as I find tons of helpful information and encouraging experiences.
  3. Thanks, GBArmy. I know we need to wait until the letter arrives and we will continue to. I was just wondering if anyone had seen one close the same day it arrived.
  4. Hello all, We submitted a HLR to contest an EED for TDIU and increased ratings for 2 other conditions. I checked today and saw this (see below). Nothing is listed under issues. I know that the website is not always trustworthy and that we should wait to receive information in the mail but I was just wondering if anyone else had seen this. Thank you for everyone's support and assistance. This forum is a wealth of knowledge.
  5. Hello, We submitted a claim in September 2018 for the following: Increased rating, Intervertebral disc syndrome Increased rating, Migraines Service connection, Irritable bowel syndrome Service connection, Sleep apnea 100% rating for individual unemployability We were denied December 2018 and filed an appeal. The case was remanded in April 2020. My husband had his c and p exam on October 15, 2020 and we received a decision letter on November 10th. He was granted an increase from 0 to 50% for migraines and granted TDIU. The decision letter we received in the mail and our ebenefits letters states that the effective date is October 15, 2020. Shouldn't the effective date be the date we initially filed the claim? We have lawyers assisting us and are waiting on there response but we were wondering if anyone in this wonderful forum had experience with something similar? Thank you.
  6. Hello, Our VA Appeal was remanded on April 17, 2020 and the following conditions were ordered to have an additional C&P exam; Intervertebral Disk Syndrome Migraines IBS Sleep Apnea I know that an exact answer can not be given but does anyone have recent experience and/or information o the time frame from a remand to a C&P exam? Thank you.
  7. Yes, he had a sleep test done at the VA and his results were very similar to yours. Those results were included in the report as well as multiple symptoms listed that point towards sleep apnea. This was all also discussed in his sleep apnea test. In his letter they agreed with the sleep apnea diagnosis but said that could it not be proven as service connected. We are working with a lawyer now.
  8. We are debating on hiring a lawyer or a VSO for this appeal. What are your opinions on this?
  9. Sleep apnea: not service connected (which we assumed would happen) IBS: not diagnosed in VA medical file (it was listed as Colitis) IU: did not meet criteria- we needed one of the other two disabilities to be approved in order to reach the criteria for this
  10. We received the decision yesterday and all of our claims were denied. Time for step two...
  11. Thank you, fbeamon. Congratulations on the completion of your claim and I wish you luck with your backpay! Nothing has changed on my ebenfits yet but that gives me hope that it may be updated today.
  12. Hello everyone, I am a long time reader but first time poster. I have been working on my husband's claim and have a question. The claim was moved to " decision notification sent" yesterday and from what I have been reading I know the timeline for the BBE is all across the board. Last night the disibilities we claimed all showed up under the disability section of ebenefits but they are listed as non-service connected with no rating and no effective date listed. They also do not have an effective date listed. Does this mean he was denied or could it just be ebenefits has not updated? His benefits letters have not changed. Thank you everyone for all your insight!
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