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  1. Yes, he had a sleep test done at the VA and his results were very similar to yours. Those results were included in the report as well as multiple symptoms listed that point towards sleep apnea. This was all also discussed in his sleep apnea test. In his letter they agreed with the sleep apnea diagnosis but said that could it not be proven as service connected. We are working with a lawyer now.
  2. We are debating on hiring a lawyer or a VSO for this appeal. What are your opinions on this?
  3. Sleep apnea: not service connected (which we assumed would happen) IBS: not diagnosed in VA medical file (it was listed as Colitis) IU: did not meet criteria- we needed one of the other two disabilities to be approved in order to reach the criteria for this
  4. We received the decision yesterday and all of our claims were denied. Time for step two...
  5. Thank you, fbeamon. Congratulations on the completion of your claim and I wish you luck with your backpay! Nothing has changed on my ebenfits yet but that gives me hope that it may be updated today.
  6. Hello everyone, I am a long time reader but first time poster. I have been working on my husband's claim and have a question. The claim was moved to " decision notification sent" yesterday and from what I have been reading I know the timeline for the BBE is all across the board. Last night the disibilities we claimed all showed up under the disability section of ebenefits but they are listed as non-service connected with no rating and no effective date listed. They also do not have an effective date listed. Does this mean he was denied or could it just be ebenefits has not updated? His benefits letters have not changed. Thank you everyone for all your insight!
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