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  1. My SOC included information about the claim that was granted also. There were other things that were denied but I was also granted. So I was just asking about the timeframe for my backpay on what was granted.
  2. On this past Friday they told me it had been sent to finance to take out the attorney fee. Hope it doesn’t take forever.
  3. Wow, that’s a big mistake they made. So did they send you that person’s backpay too?
  4. I think I may have asked the question incorrectly. I was wondering how long after you were granted did you get your backpay?
  5. What was your timeline? I received SOC in October granted 100%. Still awaiting backpay and I have an attorney. They said it would take months to get my backpay.
  6. My SOC was dated 10/22/18, and I have an attorney. I am not a retiree, just wondering if someone can shed some light on their backpay timeline.
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