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  1. Thank you all for your advice. It looks like 90-10 in favor of going to these contractors. I forgot to mention, I have new and full executed DBQs for PSTD, Ankle/Feet, and Spine by specialists in those fields. Does this affect your advice in any way? Thanks! Lighthouse
  2. I submitted a follow on claim four years after my initial claim for worsening conditions. I got a notification (accidentally) from QTM to schedule two C&P exams about 30 miles in opposite directions. I live in NYC. Being an 8D, I checked out the doctors. For PTSD, I was assigned a child psychologist. For my back and ankles, I was assigned a nurse practitioner with no specialized experience in osteopathic or neurologic disorders. I cancelled all the appointments and call the VA. I asked to have my C&P exams conducted only at a VA facility near me. Chad, the nice VA guy said he w
  3. In the Air Force, a visit to the Mental Health Unit voluntary or not, meant your job. I tried to off myself after '91 and my squadron leadership knew it. When they would ask, I just sucked it up and lied. My wife and kids needed an accidental death to benefit. We were always told to NEVER go to Mental Health because that was the end of your career. When I applied for PTSD, I lied then too. Why? I did not want to be ushered away to a ward and whatever happens after that. Regardless, my examiner gave me 70. The stigma when I was in was a fact of life.
  4. @broncovet Thanks for answering back. The article in the link is shocking. I am diligent and match up my actions with med recs and performance reports.
  5. I have a Federal job. When I was hired, my time in the military was used to establish my leave and sick leave and Federal retirement date (i am retired from the military in 2003). That was five years ago. As of last week, OPM is disallowing my time in the military. The only time they will consider, is when a campaign or badge was involved e.g. Southwest Asia, and others. My dd214 shows these campaigns without dates. OPM wants the exact dates for each. The VA rated me at 90% in 2016. I retired without a medical or dental exam. I have to provide proof to OPM my disability was not
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