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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. I am on 15mg and that is enough to affect me. Sleep is great on it. My life is a little withdrawn and that causes way to many family and work issues. I have an appointment tomorrow so I will ask about klonopin.
  2. Thats true. Kind of an expensive experimentation process though.
  3. Is your klonopin from the VA? That would make me happy cause it works. They keep trying to get me to take martazapine but it makes me too flat. Weir but when I am on it, I don't really care about other people. Bout lost my mind getting off of it as well.
  4. I was on ambien for several years before the VA stopped prescribing it to me. Since then, they have been playing wack-a-mole with various anti-anxiety, anti-psychotics for sleep instead. I recently tried a lunesta from a friend and it was amazing. I slept so well. I tried Klonopin and it worked a little too well. 2 questions: Do you have a script from the va for a real insomnia med that works? If not, how do you get it? I would hate to go out of pocket for a civilian doc only to get turned down for a script. Thanks
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