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    Thanks Bron. I don't rely on it. I got a deposit in my account last night. The amount did not seem high enough if they were going to pay be all the way back to the stated effective date of Nov. 21st, 2017. The table shows a monthly benefit amount of $3974.49 for a vet and spouse for an L rating. Is an "L" rating the same as "L-1"? Do they retro back to the effective date?
  2. bigmoe52


    I was just awarded SMC a few days ago. I have not received the paperwork yet but eBenefits shows I was awarded on 3/20/2019 with an effective date of Nov. 21st, 2017. It also says I am SMC (L-1) . Can someone tell me what L-1 is and what is the monthly benefit rate for that? And will my benefit amount be retroactive back to the effective date of 11/21/2017? Thank you. Steve
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