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  1. Hi I was recently increased from 50% to 70% for adjustment disorder/anxiety/depression. My question is how often are re evaluations done, every 5 years? Also, where do you find on ebenefits if something is permanent and total, I keep seeing people talk about that. Mainly curious because I definitely won't ever be "normal" again so am just wondering if I'm going to need to do these every few years for the rest of my life, or how does that work? Thanks for any info!
  2. Currently at 50% for anxiety/depression. I filed for an increase a few months ago, I didn't submit any additional medical documentation etc while submitting the developed claim. My question is, I have tried several medications over the last 2 years, none if which have worked, and my symptoms have only gotten worse. In order for me to get an actual increase in rating do I HAVE to have medical documents i.e civilian psychiatrists notes. Or if the C&P examiner deems it will I get an increase? The women who scheduled me just said to bring a list of meds I've taken, that's it. Any help appreciated!!
  3. Hey everyone, just found this site and you guys have some seriously good info here. Anyway, I'm currently rated at 50% for Anxiety/Depression, I put in for an increase a week ago. I had gotten a DBQ filled out by my psychiatrist but she left out important info - and didn't even put depression on the front diagnosis page. Needless to say I'm not going to put that in since I believe based on what she had put on paper it would either keep me at 50% or very possibly DECREASE my rating. My question is - do I really need to have DBQ's and other types of "evidence" to get an increase, or would the VA simply schedule another C&P like when I originally got rated for Anxiety/Depression? If building a paper trail is that crucial then I understand that and will start to build one, maybe I'm naïve but I don't see why I wouldn't just be scheduled a C&P and tell them how all my conditions are worsening? Example - I've been put on 3 different Anti anxiety meds in the last year and half and the side effects are so debilitating for me that I can't take them. Am couch locked, can't take care of the kids etc. Also for backround info, I got my rating due to an attempted suicide while I was in the service, I was admitted to a hospital for detox then was sent to a psych hospital for about 4 days. I've also read that Sleep apnea can be claimed as a secondary condition due to the anxiety/depression? Do you guys know of any other secondary claims that can be filed for anxiety/depression? Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!
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